Man learns He’s Not A US Citizen After Voting For Over 60 Years

Man Learns He’s Not A US Citizen After Voting For Over 60 Years!

A 66-year-old man from Florida was shocked to find out that he is not a US citizen. Jimmy Klass has been living in the US for 64 years. His citizenship status was revealed when he applied for Social Security payments. And also he had been voting in almost 60 federal elections over the years.

Jimmy Klass had been expecting to get a letter from the Social Security Administration in 2020, stating when he could start receiving his retirement benefits after working for many years. But instead, he learned that his money was “frozen,” according to a report from News 6 Click Orlando. Let’s have a closer look at this unexpected incident.

Jimmy Klass’s Citizenship Confusion

Klass was born in Canada to a Canadian mother and an American father from New York. His family moved to the U.S. in 1959 when he was two. Klass grew up believing he was a dual citizen. He proudly displayed numerous documents and photos from his life in America, including old paper driver’s licenses.

Despite never being questioned about his citizenship, Klass joked about his situation, having voted for over 40 years without issue. He even applied for roles in the U.S. military and the New Jersey State Police. He was also approved for the positions. His social security card and driver’s license were the only documents needed for the positions.

Klass had been contributing to Social Security retirement benefits throughout his career. He applied for that. Instead of receiving it, he was shocked to receive a letter. The letter informed him that he hadn’t proven his legal presence in the U.S.

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Denied Citizenship: Jimmy Klass’s Struggle and the Flaws in the U.S. Immigration System

After discovering he wasn’t a U.S. citizen, Klass applied for status but was denied. U.S. Customs & Immigration Services didn’t share details, but they stated Klass didn’t provide enough evidence of his father’s U.S. residency before his birth, a requirement for citizenship.

Klass sought help from Senator Marco Rubio’s office and hired experts to find records linking his dad to the U.S. Despite efforts, his case remains unresolved. Klass’s situation highlights challenges in the U.S. immigration system, which struggles to accurately track legal status.

Despite contributing to Social Security for 50 years, Klass hasn’t received benefits due to his citizenship status. If his case isn’t resolved, Klass plans to return to Canada, disappointed by his experience with America.

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