Tornadoes Blast Midwest With Eerie Siren Sounds!

Tornadoes Blast Midwest With Eerie Siren Sounds!

A big part of the Midwest is getting ready for more dangerous storms after two days of bad weather hit the Plains. The tornados have already caused at least four deaths in Oklahoma, destroyed homes, and left many without power. The storms are expected to keep threatening areas in Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa.

Videos have been shared online showing a massive tornado in Nebraska. One video captures the dark swirling clouds and the eerie siren warning people of danger. Another video filmed by a storm chaser near Omaha, shows the tornado touching down on a highway, tossing debris into the air from the road and nearby fields. let’s have a closer look at the situation in the Midwest.

Oklahoma Hit Hard: Tornadoes Cause Death and Damage

The overnight tornado outbreak in Oklahoma resulted in significant death and destruction. Four deaths were reported. Two deaths occurred in Holdenville, one near Marietta, and another in Sulphur, Murray County.

Governor Kevin Stitt expressed shock at the extensive damage, particularly in Sulphur. Around 30 people were injured in Sulphar. The National Weather Service confirmed 22 tornadoes in the Norman area. There are reports of injuries, property damage, flooding, downed power lines and trees. However, the full extent of the damage is still unclear.

Governor Stitt issued an emergency disaster declaration. He further plans to visit storm-damaged areas. First responders received urgent warnings to prepare for more tornadoes. Millions of people across several states remained at risk for severe weather. The storms threatened strong tornadoes, hail, and damaging wind gusts.

Tornado Safety Guidelines

The National Weather Service has issued the following tornado safety guidelines for the public. During a tornado, people should seek shelter in the basement or a small interior room on the lowest floor of a home or public building. They should close all hallway doors, find cover under a sturdy object like a heavy table, and protect themselves from flying debris with pillows, blankets, or helmets. If caught outside, individuals should seek shelter in a ditch or stay in their vehicle, avoiding highway overpasses.

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