This Woman Had A Viral Meltdown In A Las Vegas Flight | Kept Cussing And Growling AT Other Passengers!

This Woman Had A Viral Meltdown In A Las Vegas Flight | Kept Cussing And Growling At Other Passengers!

A Spirit Airlines passenger was escorted off the plane after cussing and growling at other passengers and flight crew. The incident took place in Terminal 1 at the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. Later it became viral on social media after fellow passengers shared the video.

The passenger was taken into custody on March 23 by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. Followingly She is due at the Clark County Justice Court on May 29. Let’s look closer at the story behind the viral meltdown in Las Vegas Flight.

Strange And Threatening Behaviour Of The Passenger

Lonnieka Dillard
Lonnieka Dillard Source- 8 news now

Lonnieka Dillard faces one charge related to violating FTC/airport rules and regulations. According to the reports passengers’ “disruptive behavior and being a threat to other passengers.” of a passenger was reported to the police around 1 am.

As the plane was preparing to fly, Dillard was cussing and growling at other passengers. The supervisor said she tried talking to Dillard nicely before calling the police, but Dillard started shouting and screaming at her.

Also, she wassnapping her teeth at other passengers near her in a motion as if she was biting at them.” Followingly two officers spoke with her calmly to leave the plane. But she started yelling strangely and refused to get off. So, more officers had to help remove her from the plane.

What Happened After Police Arrived?

Video Source- New York Post

She refused to leave the plane and claimed the officers were racist for taking her away. She reportedly shouted and made “random and racist statements” to the officers during her detainment. Also, the crew had to remove three-quarters of the passengers from the plane so officers could handcuff and “physically escort” her.

In the video, she screamed “I can’t breathe” before a flight attendant said everyone had to leave. Even after being handcuffed, she persisted in making the same biting motion and adamantly refused to vacate the plane.

Dillard was booked into the Clark County Detention Center. She was released from custody after her booking and was due to return to court on May 29.

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