Father Forces 6-year-old Son To Run On Treadmill For Being ‘Too Fat’!

A New Jersey father is accused of causing his 6-year-old son’s death after a tough treadmill workout. The dad’s defense says the boy died from pneumonia, not the workout. Prosecutors, however, argue that ongoing abuse by the father led to the child’s fatal injuries.

There’s surveillance footage showing the dad making the boy exercise intensely because he thought he was too fat. Let’s have a closer look at the tragic death of this 6-year-old boy.

New Jersey Father’s Trial for Son’s Treadmill Death

Christopher Gregor, 31, from New Jersey, is on trial for the death of his 6-year-old son, Corey Micciolo. He’s accused of making Corey run on a treadmill because he believed the child was overweight. In the trial, a video was shown of Gregor pushing Corey to run on the treadmill, even though the child kept falling off because of the machine’s high speed and incline.

The footage, obtained from the Atlantic Heights Clubhouse fitness center on March 20, 2021, allegedly shows Gregor biting his son’s head while encouraging him to continue. Corey struggles to keep up before his father eventually lowers the speed and incline.

Twelve days after the gym visit, Corey’s mom Breanna Micciolo saw his injuries. She reported it to a caseworker with the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency. She took Corey to the doctor on the 2nd of April.

Corey told the doctor that his father made him run on the treadmill because he thought Corey was too fat. The following day, Gregor quickly took Corey to the hospital because Corey woke up feeling sick after a nap. Corey was stumbling, slurring his words, and feeling nauseous and short of breath. The doctors did a CT scan, during which Corey had a seizure. The medical staff tried to save him, but they couldn’t, and Corey passed away.

The first autopsy showed that Corey died from severe injuries to his heart and liver. Gregor was arrested in July 2021 after authorities watched the upsetting video from the gym. Corey’s death was declared a homicide in September 2021 due to his severe injuries.

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Breanna Micciolo Fights for Justice for Corey

Breanna Micciolo testified in court, crying as she watched a troubling video. After Corey’s death, she made a private Facebook group called Justice for Corey to raise awareness. In her post, she vowed to keep fighting until justice was served for her son.

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