A Utah Cat Hides In An Amazon Box And Travels 700 Miles!

Galena, a cat from Utah, went missing after hiding in an Amazon return box. A week later, her owner got a call from California saying Galena was found there! She had hitched a ride in the package to Los Angeles.

Finally, the cat was reunited with her owner, ending her unexpected trip. Let’s have a closer look at Galena’s remarkable journey.

Incredible Journey: Galena’s Cross-Country Adventure

Galena disappeared from her home in Lehi, Utah, on April 10, worrying her owner, Carrie Stevens Clark. Despite searching and posting on social media, she couldn’t find her. But after a week, there was a big breakthrough.

Brandy Hunter, an Amazon warehouse employee in California, received a surprising call while driving home from work one night. Her coworker informed her that they had found a live cat inside a box at the warehouse. Hunter, known as the “crazy cat lady” among her colleagues, was shocked by the unusual discovery.

Hunter took care of Galena overnight before taking her to the vet the next day. At the vet, Galena’s microchip was found. Clark got a surprising call saying Galena was found in California, 700 miles away! The cat had snuck into one of Clark’s Amazon return packages and traveled to Los Angeles. Surprisingly, the cat was able to survive with no food and water for 6 days.

Heartwarming Reunion: Galena’s Journey Home

After 48 hours of receiving the call, Galena’s owners were reunited with her at the vet’s office, as Hunter shared in an April 19 Facebook post. Clark, grateful for her mom’s help, flew with her husband to California the next morning. They drove to the vet, filled with excitement, and finally met Galena and Hunter.

Galena immediately recognized Clark’s voice. Hunter expressed gratitude for being part of the positive outcome, while Clark reflected on the miracles that unfolded. She credited Hunter’s kindness for bringing Galena back home.

A Utah Cat Hides In An Amazon Box And Travels 700 Miles
Image source: CTV News / CNN

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