Tani Sets Record for Longest BGT Audition Even After Four Buzzers

Drone pilot Tani set a record for the longest audition in Britain’s Got Talent history, even after receiving four buzzers. On the third episode of the BGT 17th season, 42-year-old drone operator Keiichiro Tani from Japan participated in the auditions. He entered the stage with a smile on his face. Even though he didn’t understand English very well, he made everyone laugh. The way he repeatedly thanked Simon made the audience chuckle.

First, he grabbed a marshmallow throne by the drone in his mouth. Then he attempted to hang a T-shirt on the rail several times but was unsuccessful. He didn’t let up; after receiving four red buzzers, he attempted to hang the t-shirt repeatedly, making his audition the longest in Britain’s Got Talent ever. Tani’s act went viral on TikTok, receiving millions of views.

Tani in Britain Got Talent audition

Judges let him try repeatedly, even after four red buzzers. Alesha Dixon commented, “This is the only act in history we’ve let carry on after four buzzers.” Amanda Holden stated, “This has been the longest audition in history.” Simon Cowell stood up until Tani finished his performance and stated, “The longest audition in the world.” At last, Bruno Tonioli stood up and waved his hands, saying, “Go, go.”

Fans, on the other hand, admired Tani’s stage presence and upbeat attitude, and they felt sorry for him. Fans commented in the YouTube comments section, “He is the happiest person ever,” and “I could watch just the intro for whole evening  the fact he had a translator and still just said “drone” to everything; thats pure entertainment.” Another follower felt pity for Tani and commented, “Oh, poor him! It went from a flying t-shirt to a giving up t-shirt.”

Fans also thank the judge’s panel for encouraging and allowing Tani to complete the act. A fan mentioned, “I kinda like how supportive they were for Tani.”


Sometimes in life, all you need is yourself and a ‘drone’ – we’re rooting for you Tani! Britain’s Got Talent continues tonight at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX! BGT @bgt

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