Aspiring Doctor Left Brain Dead After Being Pushed Into Lake!

Aspiring Doctor Left Brain Dead After Being Pushed Into Lake!

An aspiring medical student was left brain-dead when his friends pushed him into a lake in Louisiana, even though they knew he couldn’t swim. They helplessly watched while he struggled in the water.

Later, a video showed them all looking into the lake after they pushed him in. Let’s have a closer look at this betrayal act.

Tragic Push into Lake Sparks Outrage

26-year-old Christopher Gilbert finished his master’s degree in biological science last year and was getting ready for medical school. On April 14th, he was with his friends when he was pushed into the lake D’Arbonne. None of his friends approached to rescue him first when he struggled in the water. A video showed that one woman tried to help after some time but soon gave up.

It had taken 10 more minutes for someone from a nearby restaurant to rescue the medical student. By then, he was brain dead and his organs were failing, his mom, Yolanda George, said. Gilbert was on life support for 72 hours, using a ventilator and ECMO machine. According to his mother, now he is cognitively responsive but unable to speak and still dependent on life support. His lung capacity is reported to be at 20%.

Aspiring Doctor Left Brain Dead After Being Pushed Into Lake
Image source: News Break

The police said that his friends tried to pass it off as a joke at first. They even lied to his mother after he was saved. Later, another woman, about the same age as Gilbert, admitted to pushing him. But none of them admitted to knowing he couldn’t swim, which Gilbert’s family refused to believe. The Family insists on Justice for Gilbert.

Image source: New York Post / Lovebscott

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