Other-worldly CyberAgent Legit score Simon Cowell’s GOLDEN BUZZER in BGT 2024

Japanese dance group, CyberAgent Legit received Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer for their amazing performance. 

A Japanese dance group did a shocking performance in Britain’s Got Talent in 2024. They shocked the judges and the entire audience. And the Golden Buzzer was received by Simon Cowell. Their dance was with modern moves, unique beats that finely match with techno sounds.

Consequently, their act made judges to stand and cheer and made everyone speechless.

well amazing that was fantastic. That was my favorite Act of the day. Actually really really really good”

Simon Cowell

Alesha Dixon added that she don’t think that they have ever had a dance act on this show that makes their own music as well. And appreciated their incredible performance.

“I’m actually going to question whether they are human. Welcome to our planet!”


That was how Amanda impressed by their robotic dance. Further remarked by Simon Cowell thereby expressing his satisfaction and excitement. When going through the viewer’s comments. It makes us clear that, they have done a positive impact from their dance to the world. Following comments prove that;

“This is spot on. It’s one of the best dance acts ever seen on this platform.”

“I have been deep down in the doldrums lately due to major depression and mania. However. it brought a smile to my face since ages”.

The performance of CyberAgent Legit not only showing their amazing dancing skills, but also their unique talent in music making. The stage felt like magic due to the combined talents of the group and everyone who saw it was amazed.

Bruno Tonioli had desired to use the Golden Buzzer on the group. But Simon Cowell was too anxious that he took it too. Before he could even understand it, he had pressed that Golden Buzzer.

The most outstanding of the night was CyberAgent Legit’s performance; it touch both the audience and the judges within them. Before he even knew what he was doing, he had pressed the Golden Buzzer. Confetti rained down on the stage, and CyberAgent Legit sailed through to the live shows.

The highlight of the night was the performance by CyberAgent Legit that left an lasting impression on both the audience and the judges. Now, people want to see if this talented dance crew will make it through to later stages of the contest or throw more surprises our way.”

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