Dozens Of Dogs Found Dead In Austin Creek!

Dozens Of Dogs Found Dead In Austin Creek!

Residents near Shiloh Drive off Menchaca Road in south Austin have reported observing over a dozen deceased dogs in South Boggy Creek.

A resident near South Boggy Creek captured footage showing the discovery of around a dozen deceased dogs. A neighbor, who preferred to stay anonymous, described it as a senseless act. Let’s have a close look at this incident that happened last Wednesday in Austin.

Community Response to Tragic Discovery

Residents in South Austin reached out to the Austin police after finding deceased dogs in the water. Subsequently, the authorities, including the animal cruelty unit and animal protection, initiated an investigation to uncover the responsible party.

Expressing astonishment, one resident raised doubts about the plausibility of one individual causing harm to eleven dogs. Meanwhile, another resident took the initiative to arrange a memorial for the dogs on Wednesday afternoon.

Community Unites for the Memorial

The community came together to clean up the creek area and hold a memorial for the eleven deceased dogs found there. One resident performed a smudging ritual to honor the dogs. Emotions were intense during the memorial, with pet owners seeking justice for the crime, hoping the perpetrators would be caught and face severe penalties.

Image source: CBS Austin / Jason Brooks
Dozens Of Dogs Found Dead In Austin Creek
Image source: FOX 7 Austin (People leave flowers in the memory of the dogs passed away)

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