“Death To America” Chants Rise In NYC | City Unrest and US Flag On Fire!

Tensions escalated following an attack by Iran on Israel, intensifying protests against Israel in various U.S. cities.

Activists in NYC were seen burning the American flag and chanting controversial slogans.

A significant moment caught near the NYSE involved NYPD intervention.

Despite controversy, burning the American flag is protected under free speech by the 1989 Supreme Court ruling in Texas v. Johnson.

During the protests, some activists displayed Hezbollah flags, drawing sharp criticism. Hezbollah is recognized as a terrorist organization by the USA.

Conservative activist Laura Loomer confronted the protesters, denouncing Hezbollah and labeling them as terrorists.

Protesters also blocked major bridges and roads in NYC, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, causing significant disruptions.

The blockades on critical infrastructure led to public inconvenience, with many expressing frustration over the disruptions.

The situation continues to evolve, with authorities responding to protests and public sentiment fluctuating. Stay updated.