Drivers Were Left Stunned When A Circus Elephant Broke Free And Marched Into Traffic ! But What Happened Next ?

Meet Viola, the circus elephant  with the Jordan World Circus. During her pre-show bath in Butte, Montana, a loud vehicle backfire spooked her, causing her to break through a fence and take a stroll, halting traffic on the city's busiest street in broad daylight.

Viola's  jaunt through the streets came to a halt when the circus crew arrived with a trailer containing another elephant to retrieve her, according to Civic Center manager Bill Melvin. " They put the ramp down, and she walked right back in"

The incident drew criticism from at least two animal rights organizations — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and Compassion Works International. They argued that it put both the elephant and the public at risk.

Wanders In The Streets Of Montana