MrBeast' "World's Most Dangerous Escape Room" video review

MrBeast’s “World’s Most Dangerous Escape Room!” | Video review

MrBeast creates an event maintaining 10 levels to achieve $100,000 for his friends. Here is a brief review of the “World’s Most Dangerous Escape Room!” video.

Video Title

“World’s Most Dangerous Escape Room!”

Highlights of “World’s Most Dangerous Escape Room!”

Gentlemen have 55 minutes to escape from various obstacles to reach $100,000. 

Uploaded date

January 30, 2022

What is “World’s Most Dangerous Escape Room!” about?

MrBeast challenged his team to escape the most dangerous room within 60 minutes. The game consists of 10 challenging levels.

In level one, they have to escape from a room, and after breaking the door, they escape from it.

It isn’t easy to find the exit as it is hidden by everything. After completing three levels, they had to dig the surface to get the key out and open the door.

Then the contestants have to press the button to open the door to achieve the next level to proceed with the game.

The remarkable thing is there are snakes around the button to be pressed. After that, they had to find a mystery ticket, and after several minutes, they did it.

Then the team moved to level 8, and the challenge was finding the correct book that opened the trap out of 1000 books.

Finally, they had to cross the given area without touching the lava. They finished the event successfully with two minutes remaining.

Just after completing the task, received $95,000 from MrBeast.

World's Most Dangerous Escape Room video winner got $ 95,000

Notable timestamps

  • 00.37 – Successfully escaped from the room. 
  • 02.26 – Welcome to Level 4. 
  • 05.01 – Level 8 started
  • 05.10 – 19 minutes remaining
  • 05.44 – Level 8 completed
  • 07.30 – Touch the $100,000. 

People who appeared on “World’s Most Dangerous Escape Room!”

MrBeast with Zach King

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