MrBeast’s “Press This Button To Win $100,000” | Video review

MrBeast’s “Press This Button To Win $100,000” | Video review

MrBeast wants to offer 100,000 dollars to one of his friend’s sisters, and he plans to give it through a punishment series. Here is a brief review of the “ Press the button to win $100,000” video.

Video Title

“Press This Button To Win $100,000.”

Highlights of “Press This Button To Win $100,000!”

Press the button and get punishment to win 100,000 dollars for their sisters. 

Uploaded date

November 15, 2020

What is “Press This Button To Win $100,000” about?

MrBeast wants to punish his friends and finally give 100,000 dollars to the winner’s sister. 

His supportive, funniest, and closest friends Karl, Chris, Nolan, Chandler, and Tags join the event to win $100,000. 

Chris starts the event by pressing the button, and he has to wear his pants filled with mayonnaise as his first punishment. 

Nolan takes the first punishment, and he has to go home and flush his toilet. After finishing his first task his second one was to give away 1000 dollars to ten random strangers 

Tags get a one-hour punishment to have a massage, and it is some kind of more comfortable punishment than the other punishments. 

Chris wears a princess helmet, and MrBeast takes some fun from each friend. 

MrBeast says that there were more punishments that he gave to his friends, and some punishments can’t show to the viewers.

Unfortunately, Tags receive so many more physical punishments than all others. 

Finally, they received a final chance to press the button and Karl decides to press it by himself surprisingly the punishment is shown on the screen as “ Your sister won $100,000”. 

Karl won $ 100,000 for his sister

Notable timestamps

  • 0.24 – Start the event by pressing the button.
  • 1.36 – Nolan press the button for the first time.
  • 5.57 – Karl comes back after finishing his first task to press the button again. 
  • 10.53- One hour remaining to finish the event
  • 13.04- Start with the wall painting.
  • 13.38- Chandler received a maths question to solve
  • 14.22- Press number 53

People who appeared on “Press This Button To Win $100,000!”

Chris is getting his first punishment

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