Locke and Key, Kinsey Locke Bio and Interesting Facts

Locke and Key, Kinsey Locke Bio and Interesting Facts

The main character of the Netflix series Locke & Key, Kinsey Locke, is a member of the Savini Squad and the Keepers of the Keys.

Locke and Key - Keyhouse
Locke and Key – Keyhouse

Locke and key Kinsey Biography

Kinsey developed a crush on one of her brother’s football teammates, Shep, when she was fourteen. When Tyler took her to one of the team’s parties, she pressured him into taking her in a car with Shep, who was inebriated. Kinsey had minor injuries when the two were involved in an accident.

Kinsey’s father, Rendell, was enraged by Tyler’s behavior and canceled his summer vacation in Baja. Sam Lesser and Al Grubb attacked the family when they vacationed in Willits, California.

She grabbed her brother Bode and brought him to the roof, where they took cover after hearing a gunshot. Kinsey bit her lip so hard that it bled as she tried to keep her mouth shut.

Later, Rendell gave Kinsey Locke the bracelet, telling her that “believing in yourself is the key to being a complete person.” The bracelet contained the Anywhere Key.

Nina, Kinsey’s mother, killed Al while Tyler disabled Sam. In a tragic turn of events, Rendell was killed. Then the family relocated to Rendell’s childhood home, Keyhouse,

Kinsey Locke
Kinsey Locke

How Old is Kinsey in Locke and key? 

Kinsey Locke is 15 years old.


Kinsey is an introvert who’s always wanted to stand out and be noticed by others. Kinsey in Locke and Key is a loyal friend who has her heart in the right place, even if she’s a little annoying, and she won’t fight anyone, even Sam. She has a great sense of fashion and is often seen in cargo pants and loose jeans, paired with brightly colored tops and fashionable jackets. Initially, she trusts Scot, and later she proposes that she may date two persons at the same time. She is naive about boys.

How does Kinsey Locke have powers?

It’s called the Family Tree. Tyler and Kinsey find the Music Box Key soon after. When they pair it with the Music Box, they find out that it can control people, too. When Eden Hawkins is in the canteen at school, she manipulates her into embarrassing herself in front of everyone at the school canteen.

Kinsey Locke with her family
Kinsey Locke with her family

What did Kinsey do to her head?

Kinsey’s Fear, the tangible manifestation of her own Fear of Kinsey Locke in Locke and Key, was a monster from within her head. Kinsey became entirely fearless once the Head Key was used to eliminate the Fear, but the Fear remained as a distinct entity. When Kinsey finally got her hands on it, she put it back on her head.

Who does Kinsey end up within Locke and key?

Kinsey and Scot end up together at Locke & Key season two. Kinsey finally learns Gabe’s real identity as the season goes on. At first, she goes along with their relationship to keep the demonic Dodge happy, but it doesn’t last long.

Who plays Kinsey in Locke and key?

There have been numerous roles for Emilia Jones as an actress or model. Her performance as Kinsey Locke in the Netflix series “Locke & Key” made her a rising star.

Emilia Jones Biography and Family

Emilia Annis I. On February 23, 2002, Jones was born in Westminster, London, England. Welsh singer Aled Jones and his English wife Claire Fossett are the proud parents of their daughter. She is British and is of mixed Welsh and English ancestry. She also has a sibling named Lucas Jones.

The lovely young actress has a slim and active body. Her physique is 5 feet tall (1.50 meters) and weighs 51 kilograms. Her skin is fair, and she has brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Emilia Jones Career

In 2010, at the age of 8, she made her acting debut as Jasmine in One Day. For her next roles, she starred in high-rise Ghostland and Horrible Histories: The Movie—Rotten Romans in the years after her debut in 2014’s ‘What We Did on Our Holiday.’ Additionally, she has been in a number of television series and dramas, including ‘House of Anubis’ (2011), ‘Doctor Who’ (2013), ‘Residue’ (2014), and ‘Locke & Key’ (2014).

Kinsey Locke with Tyler Locke
Kinsey Locke with Tyler Locke

Emilia Jones Net worth

She has been in the entertainment industry since she was eight years old when it comes to earnings. In addition, she claimed to earn $12,000 every episode, although she did not provide any details about her earnings. In addition, her net worth is reported to be over $1.5 million.

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