‘High School Musical’ Star Ashley Tisdale Faces A Lawsuit!

‘High School Musical’ Star Ashley Tisdale Faces A Lawsuit!

The High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale gets accusations of ill behavior. She is now called to court to be held accountable for an accident that occurred on Hollywood Boulevard in September 2022. Lina Gonzales is apparently the woman who is taking Ashley to court. She claims she suffered injuries from the accident, as per TMZ. So what really happened?

Lina claims that Tisdale exchanged harsh words with her. She resorted to name-calling following the collision, a fact which was reported to the press by her attorney, Michael R. Parker. The accident resulted in severe neck and back injuries, which cost approximately $140,000 in medical expenses. Her allegations against Tisdale include wage loss, medical expenses, and intriguingly, “loss of love and protection.

Her lawyer further reported to the media that the collision took place as Lina was waiting to make a left turn in the left lane. At this time Tisdale allegedly changed lanes and collided with her. The charges escalated to court after Tisdale refused to pay the $600K requested by Lina through her attorney. 

The star has been quiet regarding the incident; however, her spokesperson denies the allegations made regarding her behavior during the accident. They report that the two parties merely exchanged information and moved forward. We’ll find out more as the battle ensues in court soon. 

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