Jack Rhodes and Haribow Shine: BGT Season 17 Semi-Final Night 2

Jack Rhodes mesmerized the audience with his spellbinding illusions, while Haribow dazzled with their electrifying double Dutch routines and captured their spots on the BGT grand finale.  Britain’s Got Talent season 17 is capturing audiences and fans across the world as the search for the next hidden star intensifies. Every semi-final episode is becoming more and more tough. On the second semi-final night 2, eight participants took the stage with the dream of winning the show. 

The magician Jack Rhodes captured the hearts of the audience with his incredible magic tricks and moved on to the finals. And then the double Dutch dance group Haribow secured a spot in the finals with their magnificent dance performance.

Ravi’s Dream Team and Haribow were too close, but unfortunately, Ravi’s Dream Team couldn’t make it to the finals, They were proud of what they achieved until that moment. Ravi successfully accomplished his goal of raising awareness about brain tumor.

BGT Semi-Finals Night 2

Night 2 of the semi-finals was absolutely amazing! We witnessed mind-blowing magic tricks, heartwarming dance performances, and mesmerizing song performances. But the most talented Jack and Haribow are joining the first two finalists of BGT season 17: Innocent Masuku and Ssaulabi Performance Troupe.

Simon CowellAlesha DixonAmanda HoldenBruno Toniolil
Lady GrenadesDanceEliminated
Geneviève Côté
Jack Rhodes
MagicFinalist (1st (Won Public Vote)
Ravi’s Dream Team
Singing3rd (Lost Publics’ Vote)
Matteo Fraziano
Shadow tricksEliminated
Ace Clvrk
Double-DutchFinalist (2nd Won Judges’ Vote)
BGT series 17 Semi – Finals Night 2
BGT semi-finals night 2

Throughout this season, we have witnessed incredible, eye-catching performances. But as the competition reaches its end, it is heating up, as we saw in the second semi-finals.  The incredibly talented performers will capture the remaining seven finalist spots in the coming three semi-finals.

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