What Happened to Blitzers in BGT 2024?

Blitzers is best known for their singing performance and they reached the semi-finals of BGT 2024.

Blitzers BGT 2024
Age (at audition)20 – 23 Years
Home TownSouth Korea
Position ReachedEliminated in the semi finals
BGT 2024

Blitzers participated BGT series 17 and gave an incredible performance. Their aspirations led them to BGT, where they hoped to fulfill their big stage dream and gather a loyal fan base in the UK. With four yeses from the judge’s panel, they were moved on to the semi-finals of BGT 2024, but unfortunately, they were eliminated in the semi-finals. 


Blitzers was formed by Wuzo Entertainment back in 2021, and ever since, they’ve been a tight-knit group. They debuted on May 12, 2021. There are six talented members in this band: Jinhwa, Juhan, Sya, Chris, Lutan, and Wooju. Unfortunately, in January 2024, Go_U decided to part ways with the group.

Blitzers’ Biography 

With six members, Blitzers is a popular K-pop boyband group from South Korea.

Real NameAgeBirthdayHeightWeightNationalityProfession
Choi Jinhwa22 YearsJanuary 15th, 2002180cm64kgKoreanLeader, Rapper, Dancer
Hong Seunghyun23 YearsJune 21st, 2001177cmKoreanVocalist
Lee Junyoung22 YearsSeptember 9th, 2002169.4cmKoreanRapper, Vocalist
Han Chris22 YearsNovember 19th, 2002179cmKoreanRapper
Choi Gyeongseok21 YearsDecember 6th, 2003178cmKoreanDancer
 Cho Wooju20 YearsJanuary 21st, 2004KoreanVocalist, Maknae
BGT 2024

Family & Relationships

There are currently no published facts about their family or relationships.

What happened in Britain’s Got Talent?


The Blitzers kicked things off by introducing themselves. They mentioned they are the first K-pop band to participate in Britain’s Got Talent. They also shared their existing fan base in South Korea and their desire to expand it to the UK. As soon as they began their performance, the crowd was captivated, and nearly everyone in the audience couldn’t resist dancing along. The judges couldn’t take their eyes off The Blitzers’ incredible performance.

Well done, Well done I thought that was so slick.

Alesha Dixon

The judges and audience gave standing ovations to their performance. Simon Cowell commented, “I really, really, really love this.” Bruno Tonioli stated, “The presentation every level of it is as good as anything I’ve seen around the world in the last 50 years.” Amanda Holden commented on how impressive their performance was. With four yeses from the judge’s panel, Blitzers is moving on to the next stage. 

BGT 2024


The Blitzers made a grand entrance in the semi-finals wearing sleek black outfits. Their performance was full of energy, and their dance moves were flawless. It shows their experience and practice. It was an eye-capturing act. 

This was better than their first audition

Simon Cowell

Alesha Dixon commented, “You are standing out from the crowd.” Amanda Holden commented, “You just seem like box-ready,” and Bruno Tonioli commented, “I loved it.”

BGT Semi-finals 2024

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On the 6th episode of BGT season 17, Blitzers participated to capture the hearts of the UK audience and shine on the grand stages. Their performance was truly sensational, making the episode unforgettable. Unfortunately, they were eliminated in the semi-finals. 

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