What Happened to Genevieve Cote in BGT 2024?

Genevieve Cote is well known for her mimicry act and she reached the semi-finals of BGT 2024.

Age (at audition)60 Years
Home TownMontreal
Position ReachedEliminated in the semi-finals
BGT 2024

The audience might have thought that the women sitting on the seat with the mic was going to sing. The women was Genevieve Cote and she reached semi-finals of BGT 2024. “Is she doing the noise” wondered the judges. Indeed, Cote was doing the noise and no one has expected it. Mimicry can be a common act among some people but the combination of the background moving picture along with the mimicry of the noises is uncommon.

Genevieve Cote’s Background

Genevieve Cote is a Canadian illustrator who is in her 60s. You heard me right, she is 60 years old as of 2024 but she doesn’t look like that. She is popular for her work on children’s books. Cote has got a bachelor’s degree in graphic designing and contributed illustrations to many publications.

Surprisingly, Cote has won the Golden Buzzer for her very first performance at Canada’s Got Talent. She the Golden Buzzer in 2023 and traveled to Britain to amuse the Britain people and the whole world as well.

Geneviève’s Biography 

Geneviève is a 60-year-old illustrator.

Real Name Geneviève Côté
Age60 Years
BGT 2024

Family & Relationships

There are currently no published facts about her family or relationships.

What happened in Britain’s Got Talent?


Cote seated with a mic in front of a nature’s moving picture background. The viewers might have expected her to sing but Cote presented something else. She made the noise of the sea waves at first and the judges were confused of the happenings. “Is she doing the noise?” asked Amanda to Alesha. Bruno’s expression was like, “what? what is she doing? Is it really her making the noise?”

After that the background picture changed to a bird then monkey and so on. Along with the movement of the video, Cote was mimicking the relevant noises. Audience started to applauding and Simon was watching the performance without any movements while his eyes were blinking. ” “Oh my God! She is pretty great”, said Ant. Cote continued to make noises matching to background’s moving pictures. The best part of her act was, she never turned back to see the pictures but perfectly aligned her noises with them.

Online Viewers Of Her Performance Insist That Cote Should Have Received The Golden Buzzer For Her Marvelous Performance


In the semi-finals, Genevieve Cote mimicked a whole audio clip, including the sounds of birds, horses, snakes, and nature. It was a splendid performance. At the end of her performance, Alesha, Amanda, and Bruno gave a standing ovation.

I didn’t love the whole kind of theme

Simon Cowell

Alesha Dixon commented, “I was completely mesmerized.” Amanda Holden stated, “You are a complete phenomenon,” and Bruno Tonioli commented, “It’s like a miracle,” but Simon Cowell didn’t seem impressed. Unfortunately, Genevieve couldn’t make it to the finals. 

BGT 2024 Semi-finals

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Genevieve Cote, a 60-year-old illustrator, impressed the judges with her performance in the auditions and semi-finals of BGT. But unfortunately she was eliminated in the Semi-finals.

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