What Happened to Haribow in BGT 2024?

Best known for the audience Golden Buzzer won Japanese skipping group and got 11th place in the grand finale of BGT 2024.

Age (at audition)22 – 24 Years
Home TownJapan
ActSkipping Act
Position Reached11th in the BGT Grand Finale

Haribow is a Japanese group from Japan, and they performed a skipping act to impress the audience and got 11th place in the grand finale of BGT 2024. There were 5 young guys and they are aged between 22 and 24. Haribow appeared on BGT season 17 and they won the audience golden buzzer from a little girl.


This group had been performing together for 9 years prior to their audition. Also there were all close friends who met at school.

Haribow Biography 

Real Name Haribow
Age22 – 24
ProfessionSkipping Dance actors

Family & Relationships

There are no details to find about family of these guys.

What happened in Britain’s Got Talent?


There were 5 young guys on the stage and they looked like dancers. Like they expect they are dancers. But there are some unique acts they have. They started their act and it was a skipping dance act. From the start of the act, the audience and the judges were very impressed by it. The audience had a huge thrill on it more than the judges. 

After the act, judges tried to give their vote to these contestants. But it was very difficult because there was a huge cheer up from the audience. Also they forced the judges to a golden buzzer. Bruno said, “I can’t hear myself I think. this is better than anything I have ever seen and you are amazing amazing dancers as well listen to me we’ve got none left we can’t”. Amanda added, “I mean that’s like hours and hours of practice it was like absolutely outstanding it was like textbook”.

“That’s as good as you’re gonna get sometimes audition I thinking genuinely don’t know what to say when it brilliant like this just words are really necessary. Sorry my son is literally going crazy right now”

Simon Cowell

Then Simon invited the girl to press the golden buzzer and she did it. 


In the semi-finals, the Haribow boys brought their performance to another level. More than ordinary. Their performance was filled with energy and fun. They impressed everyone. All the judges and audience gave standing ovations to their performances.

This is one of the best act we’ve ever had on BGT

Simon Cowell

Alesha Dixon commented, “I’m exhausted watching you.” Amanda Holden stated, “To be honest, you were amazing,” and Bruno Tonioli commented, “You raise the bar to the limit,” and they made it to the finals. 

Grand Finale

In the finals, Haribow gave another wonderful performance. They came in white costumes and gave a wonderful performance. Their performance impressed everyone. 

It was so brilliant

Simon Cowell

Alesha Dixon commented, “Amazing,” Amanda Holden commented, “You are insanely brilliant,” and Bruno Tonioli commented, “You excelled yourself.” They got 11th place in the grand finale of BGT 2024.

BGT Grand Finale 2024

Social Media

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Haribow is a skipping dance group from Japan and the appeared on BGT season 17. After the act, audience forced the judges to offer the Golden Buzzer and these contestant had it.

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