Duncan Murray

Stuntman Duncan Murray Flies Over ‘Ant & Dec’ on Britain’s Got Talent

Stuntman and talented “Pogoer” Duncan Murray bounces over Ant and Dec on Britain’s Got Talent.

In last week’s auditions, Stuntman Duncan Murray lighted up the stage of Britain’s Got Talent 2024 with an electrifying performance. His performance stunned both judges and audience. What caught the attention of everyone the most was his act of jumping over the show’s beloved hosts, Ant & Dec, using his trusty pogo stick.

Duncan Murray could amaze and well satisfy the judges with his outstanding performance. Simon Cowell praised Murray for turning a the audition into a moment never before seen, while Bruno left speechless saying “I never seen anything like it. It was stunning” Amanda Holden said “It was just brilliant we put you through to the next round what else would you do”.
Even Alesha Dixon appreciated Murray’s performance commenting “I love the fact that you brought Ant and Dec in I was a bit worried about Ant not so much Deck um but I just saw but overall I thought that was just a fantastic audition”.

“That is what I call taking your two minutes and making it a moment something we’ve never seen before you got Everything”


His act caught the attention of everyone out there in the Internet too. In the YouTube video comments, they shared how amazing his act was.
They liked how excited the kids in the audience were too. “That was so cool. I loved how excited the kids in the audience were. ”. That was SO impressive! I bet that’s great exercise too! And FUN exercise! I guess you could say he’s got a “jump” on the competition!
Some said it must be really fun and good exercise. One person even said Duncan deserved the golden buzzer. “The best act of this year! He deserved the GOLDEN BUZZER”
Now, everyone is excited to see what he’ll do next on the show.

Murray’s performance not only showcased his incredible talent but also brought a sense of joy and wonder to everyone watching. However, Murray marked a significant milestone as a performer and let’s wait for another magnificent performance.

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