Is it Real or Scripted? Rask Audition Draws Parallels with AGT’s Metaphysic, Prompting Doubts Over Judges’ Reactions

The Rask Audition performance recalls the metaphysic’s from AGT, and fans think that the Judges’ reactions especially from Simon Cowell’s, aren’t real and are scripted. The greatest showman family really gave a brilliant performance at the BGT audition.

Metaphysic AI performance at AGT 2022
Metaphysic AI performance at AGT 2022

Viewers including the judges really did enjoy the show. Why fans are not happy about the judges reactions? and why do we have to consider previous AGT show with this specific BGT audition? Here’s why…

Resemblance between Rask’s show on BGT and Metaphysic’s show from AGT 2022

Rask and Metaphysic both are different technology companies that produce AI technology as well. In “The Great Man Show” performed at BGT 2024 audition, the group of contestants used Rask AI technology and made their performance imitated by judges on the screen. It was a brilliant idea to make the to judge their own performance played on screen. In addition to that, the contestants also had some resemblances with the judges’ appearances.

There was a similar concept used during AGT 2022 auditions, and Metaphysic’s AI technology was used for the performance. The contestants asked a singer named Daniel to sing a song and on the screen they displayed as Simon was performing on the stage.

BGT Fans Say That The Reactions Of The Judges Are Scripted, Especially Simon’s

Simo's shocking reaction towards Rash AI performance at BGT 2024
Simon’s shocking reaction towards Rash AI performance at BGT 2024

During Metaphysic’s performance on the AGT show, Simon and Amanda were present as the judges. Two other judges were also there with them. When Rask’s performance was played on the stage at BGT, Simon was so shocked to watch the performance as it was the first time that he is witnessing such a concept. Amanda was clearly enjoying the show and laughing louder when she saw Simon on the screen.

AGT and BGT fans do have a very good memory power and on the shows. The fans noticed the resemblance of the concept between two of the auditions, and criticizing Simon’s reaction towards the performance all over the internet.

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