What Happened to Sebastian & Sonia in AGT 2024?

The most spectacular aerial duo act was performed on AGT 2024 stage by Sebastian and Sonia which was called as the PERFECT audition.

Age (at audition)24 and 30 Years
Home TownColombia and Spain
ActAerial duo
Position ReachedSelected for the next round
AGT 2024

Sebastian and Sonia entertained the audience with their beautiful, yet dangerous aerial act which made all the judges standing ovation. For their amazing performance, they were voted all the yeses and will continue to the next round.

Sebastián hails from Colombia while Sonia is originally from Spain. They are 24 and 30 years old.

“Your act is so spectacular, so flawless, so sexy and efficient,” amazed Sofia Vergara commented. Let’s delve into the wonderful audition moments of this aerial acrobatic duo and their life stories.


Sebastien is skilled in aerial straps, aerial poles, and dance. He also appeared in the film ‘The Hook,‘ directed by Cal McCrystal.

Sebastian and Sonia duo works at Lío Ibiza, the original and most outlandish which sets a new standard for late-night entertainment on the White Island. In addition to this work with her boyfriend, Sonia is involved at Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté, a renowned performance art theatre.

Sebastian and Sonia Biography 

Real Name  Sebastián Jiménez
Sonia Moreno
Age 24 years
30 years
Birthplace Colombia
Profession Acrobat performers/ dancers
AGT 2024

Family & Relationships

Sebastian and Sonia are not only dancing partners but also real life partners.

‘AGT’ Season 19 contestants Sebastián Jiménez and Sonia Moreno (Instagram/@duosebasysonia)

What happened in America’s Got Talent?


This real life mesmerizing couple set off their performance to JVKE’s “Golden Hour” track and began their act on the ground by romantically embracing each other. Then, Sebastian and Sonia grabbed a rope and started swinging each other across the stage making everyone wowed.

Simon Cowell praised them saying, “It was difficult and stunning, so beautifully synchronized.” “Going forward, I will use you as a benchmark for what I believe is the best of this type that I have ever seen,” he added.

This amazing duo got selected to the next round undoubtedly with all the four votes from the judges. At the end of the performance the judge Howie Mandel said, “the most spectacular double aerial act I have ever seen.” 

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