What Happened to Matteo Fraziano in BGT 2024?

Matteo Fraziano is best known for his shadow tricks and he reached the semi-finals of BGT 2024.

Matteo Fraziano BGT 2024
Age (at audition)22 Years
Home TownRome
ActShadow tricks
Position ReachedEliminated in the semi-finals
BGT 2024

Matteo Fraziano, a 22-year-old shadow artist and illusionist impressed the judges and audience with his wonderful act. His performance got four yeses from the judge’s panel, and he moved on to the semi-finals of BGT 2024. Unfortunately, he got eliminated in the semi-finals. 


Matteo Fraziano is a shadow artist and illusionist. He is quite popular on social media. He has almost 50k followers on Instagram and 27.9k followers on YouTube. Matteo has performed in many shows in Rome.

Matteo’s Biography 

Matteo is a 22-year-old shadow artist and illusionist.

Real Name Matteo Fraziano
Age22 Years
ProfessionShadow artist and Illusionist
BGT 2024

Family & Relationships

There are currently no published facts about his family or relationships.

What happened in Britain’s Got Talent?


Matteo Fraziano wowed the crowd with his mind-blowing shadow art skills. Using just his hands, he crafted a stunning 2D shadow of Elvis and Eminem. His performance was absolutely awe-inspiring, leaving everyone in complete amazement.

It was clever and you are very charming

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell and Bruno Tonioli gave him standing ovations for his performance. Amanda Holden commented, “Oh my gosh, I just thought what a stroke of genius, absolutely brilliant; I loved it.” Alesha Dixon stated, “Very unique; that was a great audition,” and Bruno Tonioli commented, “I’ve never seen anything like it.” With four yeses from the judge’s panel, Matteo is moving on to the next level in BGT 2024.

BGT 2024


In the semi-finals, Matteo created 2D sculptures of many well-known personalities, including Simon Cowell. The highlight of his performance was that he created Lady and the Tramp with Dec. Everyone was impressed by his unique skills. 

I thought it was sort of silly, childish and brilliant at the same time

Simon Cowell

Amanda Holden commented, “It is a unique talent that you have.” Bruno Tonioli stated, “You are really unique,” but Alesha Dixon commented, “It didn’t set me on fire tonight.” Unfortunately, Matteo was eliminated in the semi-finals. 

BGT Semi-finals 2024

Social Media


Matteo Fraziano, a 22-year-old shadow artist and illusionist, impressed the judges with his performance on the seventh episode and semi-finals of BGT 2024.

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