What Happened to Daisy May & Clifford in AGT 2024?

Best known for Adorable dog agility act on on America’s Got Talent 2024.

Age (at audition)6 Years
Home TownChicago
ActDog training
Position ReachedEliminated From The Audition

Daisy May and Clifford who are a duo of charming dogs performed a dog act on Season 19 of America’s Got Talent along with their owner Amy Freese. Despite an entertaining attempt, they got eliminated in the audition round after getting No votes from the judges.


Amy Freese who comes from Storm Lake, Iowa, now lives in the vibrant city of Chicago with her two beloved dogs, Daisy May and Clifford. Amy works as a special education teacher and has a deep love for her dogs. Their playful adventures and agility routines have gained them a lot of following on TikTok.

Daisy May and Clifford Biography 

Real Name Daisy MayClifford
Age6 YearsUnknown

Family & Relationships

Amy Freese , the owner of Daisy May & Clifford grew up in a small town in Iowa and is a proud graduate of Buena Vista University. She has strong family there at Storm Lake, where her mother Ruth still lives. Her father, Lynn Freese, passed away, but Amy carries his memory with her.

What happened in America’s Got Talent?


During their audition America’s Got Talent, Daisy May and Clifford attempted to run through an obstacle course. Despite their training and Amy’s encouragement, Daisy May even refused to complete certain tasks.

All the judges enjoyed the show. But all of their idea was that performance was not enough to pass in to the next level . However, all four judges voted “No,” and the act was eliminated from the competition.

Social Media


Although Daisy May and Clifford didn’t make it past the auditions on America’s Got Talent, their performance have won them many fans both online and in their hometown. Amy Freese continues to train and share the joyful plays of her beloved dogs, bringing smiles to everyone out there.

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