What Happened to Richard Lindesay in BGT 2024?

Richard Lindesay is well known for his musical comedy in BGT 2024.

Richard Lindesay BGT 2024
Age (at audition)
Home TownUK
ActMusical Comedy
Position ReachedAccepted
BGT 2024

On the 8th episode of BGT 2024 (Season 17), Richard Lindesay, a musical comedian, auditioned. He impressed the judges and audience with his wonderful act. His performance got three yeses from the judge’s panel, and he’s moving on to the next stage of BGT 2024. 


Richard Lindesay is a musical comedian. He is known for his unique blend of recorders, woodwind instruments, clown-like physical humor, and sharp one-liners. Richard has performed professionally in comedy clubs and festivals around the United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. He is the finalist in the UK Musical Comedy Awards 2020, the UK New Comedian of the Year 2014, and the AUS Quest for the Best Year 2013.

Richard’s Biography 

Richard Lindesay is a musical comedian from UK.

Real Name Richard Lindesay
ProfessionMusical Comedian
BGT 2024

Family & Relationships

There are currently no published facts about Richard’s family or relationships.

What happened in Britain’s Got Talent?


Richard introduced himself and stated, “My mission is to show people that a recorder can be a fan instrument.” While he was performing, Simon Cowell pressed the first red buzzer. At the end of the performance, Bruno Tonioli also pressed the red buzzer. but Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden enjoyed his performance.

They like you so I’m actually going to change my ex to yes…..

Simon Cowell

At the end of Richard’s performance, the audience demanded the judges say yes. Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden said yes to his performance, but Bruno said no. Finally, Simon changed his mind and changed his no to yes. With three yeses, he is moving on to the next level in BGT 2024. 

BGT 2024

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Richard Lindesay, a musical comedian, impressed the audience more than the judges with his performance on the 8th episode of BGT 2024. He received three yeses, advancing to the next level of Britain’s Got Talent season 17. 

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