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The best example of, “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain.” | #AnswersFromReddit

The history of heroes is filled with many good and evil. But did you ever give a thought about one’s superheroes and then they become villains? This uncommon question was coming up on Reddit. 

Here are a some of the most voted answers from Reddit.

Benedict Arnold

Benedict Arnold was a major general of the American Continental Army. He fights for American Continental in Revolutionary War. But in 1780, he turned into the British army and left American Continental Army in the middle of the war.

Benedict Arnold

Marshal Philippe

Marshal Philippe is one of the honored generals of world war 1. He was fighting for France’s army, also known as The Lion of Verdun. When it became world war 2 he was appointed as a french ambassador to Spain in 1939, and after germen attacked France, they appointed Marshal Philippe as deputy prime minister of France. That is the moment Marshal Philippe becomes a villain. In June 1940, Pétain gave the Germans control over the north and west of France, including Paris.

Chrome vs. explorer

Chrome vs. explore is one of the most uncommon answers to that Reddit thread. Do you think you can agree with this? And also you can comment bellow about your ideas.

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