Who is Shivon Zils, and does she have twins with Elon Musk

Who is Shivon Zils, and does she have twins with Elon Musk?

Who is Shivon Zils?

Shivon Zils is a famous name in the tech industry due to her involvement in numerous ways. As one of Elon Musks’ top executives, being an executive at Neuralink and having been rumored to be the mom of Elon Musks’ twins are few reasons to earn the fame. This article will explain Shivon Zils’s biography, Family, and relationship, if it is true about the Twins, career, net worth, social media, and everything you need to know about Shivon Zils.

Shivon Zils biography

Shivon Zils was born in Ontario, Canada, in 1986. She went to a private school, and she has not revealed about it. Although the celebrity has not revealed her parents and ethnicity, it has been found that she has a mixed ethnicity as her parents are from India and America. She has told that her mother is an Indian settler who met her father in Canada. Her religion is Christian.

The Canadian had her education related to economics and philosophy while keeping her ambition in sports the same. Shivon was on the ice hockey team at Yale University, where she had her degree. Although the Canadian celebrity had philosophy as one of her majors at the university, she never chose it as her career.

The meeting she had with the Canadian prime minister in 2017 at the age of 31 was a milestone for her. The viral character has lived in various places such as Europe and Canada. At present, She is living in San Francisco, USA.

Shivon Zils and Elon Musk
Shivon Zils and Elon Musk

Family and relationship?

Although Shivon has brothers and sisters, she has never revealed them to the media. Shivon is not married at present. She has posted a few images of her male friends but has not named her husband. According to her own words, she has not been a lover at school or even at the university. When considering her social media accounts and photos on the internet, it is clear that Shivon has not been a person with relationships even at her workplace. Elon Musk, the employer, the world’s richest person, has been her lover, and she has never talked about it.

Does Shivon Zils have twins with Elon Musk?

According to the most reliable sources, the news is true, Shivon Zils’ twins’ father is Elon Musk. Although neither Zils nor Elon Musk has admitted it, it is true. Zils gave birth to twins in 2021. Even Neuralink is keeping the since regarding this matter. Both parents have named twins having parts of parents so the children would not bother about their future clearance.

When it comes to Elon Musk’s responsibilities, he has added them to his family already. It seems the Twin matter is not a big deal for Elon Musk as he has not paid a formal visit yet. Since he is already a father to seven children that can be the reason for that.

Shivon Zils
Shivon Zils


As soon as Zils completed her degree, she joined IBM. Although Zils joined the company as an intern, she could turn herself to be an ultimate intern for the company. In 2015, she could put her photo on Forbes as well. 2017 was the most important year for the young entrepreneur as she got to work with Elon Musk with OpenAI. She had been made a director at the startup for her exclusive contribution to the project.

When the Canadian female celebrity got out of Tesla, she had served 02 years in the company as a director. She is considered to be the youngest director in Tesla so far as well. Neuralink manufactures cerebrum machine interfaces, and Zil’s role is not involved as not just as an executive but as a mentor. At present, Zils is working at Neuralink as an executive.

Shivon Zils net worth

Zils has a net worth of over $25 Million at the end of the year 2021. As a person who was sent into Forbes in 2015, her net worth cannot be lower than $25 as a confirmed fact. Her past careers in IBM and Tesla and her some significant influences in AI have brought this income to her. Another thing to remember regarding the net worth of Shivon Zils is her patents. According to t sources, Zil has got several patents that generate income.

Social media

Shivon Zils is on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. In addition to all of them, Shivon has her private website to get contacted. Zils has 85k followers on Twitter and keeps the account to give her the latest updates on her life, career, and lifestyle. More importantly, Shivon has been cautious to avoid adding her relationship or private photos on Social Media. When it comes to Shivon’s Instagram account, she disables it occasionally.


Where is Shivon Zils from?

Shivon Zils is from Ontario, Canada. The Canadian is now living in San Francisco, USA. 

How old is Shivon Zils? 

She is 36 years old. 

Who is Shivon Zil’s husband? 

She is not married yet, although she is the mother of twins. 

Did Shivon Zils marry?

No, Shivon Zils is not married yet. 

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