What Happened to the Pokemon Go Kid Misha?

What happened to the Pokemon Go Kid Misha | Michal Florian’s Whereabouts Now

When Misha released his ‘Pokemon Go Song’ a few years ago, no one could have anticipated the viral sensation it would become. As a young child, Misha, aka Michal Florian, captured screens worldwide with his Pokemon popular mobile game, shooting him into the limelight. But as the frenzy around the song has died down, many are left wondering: What happened to the Pokemon Go kid Misha?

What Happened to the Pokemon Go Kid Misha?

Initially, the success of the ‘Pokemon Go Song’ catapulted Misha into fame, with the video amassing views and shares across various social media platforms. This caught the attention of media outlets, which propelled him even further into public consciousness.

However, as with many internet phenomena, the clamor gradually settled, and Misha’s new releases didn’t quite capture the magic of his initial hit. The public and media, ever in search of the next big thing, shifted their focus away from the young star.

Yet, Misha did not simply vanish. Beyond the title ‘Pokemon Go Kid,’ Michal Florian continued to create. His YouTube channel blossomed with other music projects showcasing his growing interests and skills. As he matured, his content started reflecting his evolution, hinting at the broadening horizons beyond music. This gradual transition signified his resilience and adaptability in the fickle world of internet celebrity.

Where Is Pokemon Go Kid (Misha) Now?

Today, Michal Florian is as active as ever, but not in the way some might expect. Dispelling any misleading rumors, it’s important to mention that Misha is not deceased but very much alive and engaging with his audience. He has diversified his platform presence, boasting a dedicated following on social media outlets, particularly on a burgeoning Twitch channel with over 14k followers. His endeavors now extend beyond the realm of viral music to various projects that showcase how he has grown since his ‘Pokemon Go Song’ days.

Pokemon Go Kid Misha then and now


Michal Florian’s journey from an overnight internet sensation to a multifaceted entertainer is a testament to the transformative power of fame and the possibilities that come with it. Misha’s story underscores that even after the peak of viral popularity, there can be a sustainable and evolving career. As Emily, who values in-depth and meaningful content, reads about Misha’s current pursuits, she is reminded of the continual growth and resilience inherent in the world of fame, a narrative that resonates deeply with her personal and professional journey.


What is Misha doing now after his Pokemon Go viral video?

Post-virality, Misha has focused on different creative projects and continues to entertain his audience across multiple platforms.

How does Misha reflect on his experience with the ‘Pokemon Go Song’?

As he grows older, Misha reflects on the whirlwind experience with a mature understanding of the transitory nature of internet fame, incorporating those lessons into his current endeavors.

Has Misha continued to pursue a career in music or entertainment?

While music remains a passion for Misha, his pursuits have become more multifaceted, indicating a versatile approach to his career in entertainment.

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