What happened to Jonathan Goldsmith - the Dos Equis guy?

What happened to Jonathan Goldsmith – the Dos Equis guy?

The name Jonathan Goldsmith may not ring a bell at first, but mention “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” and it surely will. Goldsmith’s portrayal of this iconic character in the Dos Equis beer advertising campaign caught the public’s attention and vaulted him into pop culture immortality. But what has happened since he left our screens, bidding adieu in that final space-bound voyage? This blog post dives into the life and legacy of Jonathan Goldsmith – the man behind the legend.

Who is Jonathan Goldsmith?

Before he became an advertising titan, Jonathan Goldsmith treaded the boards and graced the film sets. He ventured into acting led by a passion for the craft rather than a thirst for fame, eventually turning his art into a career that spanned decades. Goldsmith’s ultimate breakthrough, however, came with the Dos Equis brand when he personified the ‘Most Interesting Man in the World.’ The advertisements turned Goldsmith into a cultural icon celebrated for his fantastical and humorous escapades that transcended the screen and made him somewhat of a mythical figure.

“I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis,” and “Stay thirsty, my friends.”

The Dos Equis Legacy

The Dos Equis advertising campaign was not just successful; it became a meme – the gold standard of viral marketing before “viral” was even a thing in the marketing lexicon. Jonathan Goldsmith’s portrayal of the character brought sophistication, wit, and an aspirational allure that shaped the brand’s image and delivered tangible results. The phrase “Stay thirsty, my friends,” delivered by Goldsmith’s character, became synonymous with an entire generation’s approach to life – adventurous, bold, and with a knowing wink.

What happened to Jonathan Goldsmith (Dos Equis guy)

2016 saw the end of Goldsmith’s tenure as the Most Interesting Man. His departure marked the conclusion of a decade-long era for the brand, and for Goldsmith, it opened doors to new opportunities. He ventured into new acting roles and brand partnerships, including a memorable advert for Stella Artois and a series of commercials with Astral Tequila, reminiscent of his Dos Equis persona. His career post-Dos Equis demonstrates his endurance as a figure in popular culture and a savvy businessman in the world of advertising.

The Man Behind the Legend

Behind the scenes, Goldsmith’s narrative speaks of resilience and growth. Despite the shiny veneer of the character he played, Goldsmith faced and overcame numerous challenges in his career. His memoir “Stay Interesting” offers a deeper dive into his experiences from childhood to Hollywood. His fearless approach to life paralleled in his on-screen persona, reveals a man chasing success and fulfillment.

Exploring fame and identity

Fame, particularly when tied to such a larger-than-life character, can be a double-edged sword. For Goldsmith, maintaining the balance between his identity and his alter-ego of the Most Interesting Man was vital. His reflections on fame often highlight the quirks of being recognized for a singular role and the surreal moments that it brought into his life, from hobnobbing with presidents to becoming an internet meme sensation.

What is Jonathan Goldsmith doing Now?

Contrary to any rumors of his disappearance, Jonathan Goldsmith is alive and well, residing in Marina del Rey, California, and Manchester, Vermont. His activities stretch well beyond advertising; he is deeply involved in philanthropy, lending his support to charities and advocacy groups. Goldsmith continues as the Chief Storytelling Officer at Village Garage Distillery, or through a consistent presence on social media platforms.


Goldsmith’s journey from actor to cultural phenomenon is more than a footnote in the annals of advertising history. It’s a story of reinvention and the perpetual quest for a life lived interestingly. As Jonathan Goldsmith still sails against the tide of obscurity with aplomb, we can only watch, learn, and perhaps most importantly – stay thirsty for whatever is next for such a remarkable figure.

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