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What happened to Unity in Britain’s Got Talent?

What happened to Unity in Britain’s Got Talent?

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Unity is a dance group in Britain’s Got Talent season 16 and won the Simon Cowell 2nd Golden Buzzer. All Unity members are friends in college who decide to put together as a group. In the auction, they performed a piece called “I Will” and it was a very inspiring performance. That is why it tent to break the rules and get Simon Cowell’s 2nd Golden Buzzer. 

Let’s find out more about The Unity dance group and why Simon Cowell broke the rules with the latest news about them. 

What happened to Unity In Britain’s Got Talent?


In the audition, they introduce who they are and why they group. 

We are called Unity we’re all friends in college so we decide to put this group together to perform a piece called I Will which is about being told that you can’t or you’re not enough and how is a group that we come together and power through that lovely.

Unity in Britain’s Got Talent audition

They perform to “The Village” by Wrabel and in between their dance, some group members shared their personal stories of being different. It was very emotional and made tears some of the audience. They received a standing ovation from the judges and the audience, and the audience asked to give them the Golden Buzzer. 

“Thought that actually was astonishing, the way you got your message across it was so strong it was an audition I’ll never forget, what you’ve done, you’ve done it your way and look we don’t have any golden buzzers lest, but sometimes I feel you should just break the rules.” This is what Simon Cowell said before he press the Golden Buzzer. 


In the semi-finals, they impress the judges and audience and received a standing ovation from all judges. But they are unable to get enough votes to select to finales. 

What is Unity?

Unity is a dance group made up of students from Jelli Studios theatre school in Liverpool. 


Despite their remarkable talent, Unity, unfortunately, didn’t receive enough votes in the semi-finals to advance to the finals. Nevertheless, their impact on the show and the hearts of the viewers remains significant. Their journey on Britain’s Got Talent has showcased their unity and determination, leaving a lasting impact on the show’s history.

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