Viggo Venn Age, Net Worth & Latest Update After BGT

Viggo Venn is a 34-year-old comedian from London, United Kingdom in the hit reality show Britain’s Got Talent 2023. Viggo Venn’s incredible journey on BGT ended as he won the competition. His remarkable talent and captivating performances throughout the show solidified his status as a rising star. He is known for his comedic performances. Venn won the competition with 22.5% of the votes, taking home a cash prize of £250,000. His net worth is around 1 Million USD as of 2023. With the latest update, let’s find out what happened to him after BGT.

What is Viggo Venn Doing Now?

Viggo Venn currently resides in the London  with his partner. He continues his career as a comedian.

Viggo Venn net worth

Viggo Venn has a net worth of around 1 Million USD as of 2023. He earns his income from Comedy Performances.

Viggo Venn Biography

Viggo Venn was born on March 22, 1989, in Norway and is now 34 years old as of 2023. Standing 6 feet and 8 inches tall, he is a Norwegian and follows the Christian. Viggo Venn’s first performance in Norway after winning Britain’s Got Talent was at the Over Oslo Humor Festival in 2023. His first performance on Britain’s Got Talent was on June 5, 2023, where he performed a comedic routine that included dancing and physical comedy.

Fast Facts

Known asViggo Venn
Real nameViggo Venn
Age34 Years Old
BirthdayMarch 22, 1989
Height6 Feet and 8 inches

Viggo Venn Family & relationships

GirlfriendJulia Masli

BGT Update

What happened to Viggo Venn in Britain’s Got Talent Auditions?

Viggo’s first performance on Britain’s Got Talent was a breakout moment. His use of observational humour was both original and funny. He was genuinely funny and made the judges and the audience laugh. The judges were all very impressed with Viggo’s performance. Bruno said, “You pushed the stupidity to the next level, and it was Killing me “, and Simon Cowell said that “He was the most stupid act we had this year.” Viggo received 3 yeses from the judges and a standing ovation from the audience, and he was unanimously voted through to the next round. It was a performance that showed the world that a new comedy star was on the rise.

What happened to Viggo Venn in Britain’s Got Talent Semi Finals?

Viggo Venn is a comedian who auditioned for Series 16 of Britain’s Got Talent. He is known for his unique style of comedy, which involves wearing a hi-vis vest and using props such as a giant pencil. In the semifinal, Viggo Venn received mixed reactions from the judges and the audience. Some judges found his act hilarious, while others were not impressed. Amanda Holden said she loved his act, while Simon Cowell said he didn’t find it funny. Despite the mixed reactions, Viggo Venn advanced to Britain’s Got Talent 2023 final.

What happened to Viggo Venn in Britain’s Got Talent finals?

Viggo Venn won the Britain’s Got Talent 2023 final. He is the first Norwegian to win Britain’s Got Talent. He performed a comedy routine about his love of hi-vis vests with balloons, and Simon Cowell ended the act by wearing Viggo Venn’s favourite hi-vis vests.

Facts we admire

  • He is unique 

His unique brand of observational humour. Viggo Venn’s comedy is based on everyday observations.

  • He act cleverly 

His jokes are often clever and unexpected, always leaving you with a smile. Viggo Venn is a talented comedian and a genuine human being.

Viggo Venn Social Media

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