An Unconscious Woman Wins The Race: The Cheese Chase Ends With a Surprising Twist!

A Canadian woman in the UK has won the Cheese rolling competition in the strangest way possibleDelaney Irving is a 19-year-old contestant in the Annual Woman’s race rolling competition held in Cooper’s Hill, UK. Delaney bumped her head and was unconscious when she won the race.

Delaney participated in the competition to win a 3kg cheese wheel, along with hundreds of other contestants. She hit her head while running down the almost vertical hill. However, her knockout didn’t stop her from her victorious fate. Delaney won the Cheese rolling race while unconscious

She reached the bottom of the hill unconscious. Soon after receiving medical attention, Delaney regained consciousness. Just like everyone else, she was surprised to learn she won.

 “I remember running, then bumping my head, and then I woke up in the tentI still don’t believe it, but it feels great,” said Delaney. 

Cooper’s Hill cheese rolling and Wake is an annual festival of chasing a cheese wheel. The tradition dates back 200 years. The local village people of Brockworth held it. But now people from across the world join in celebrating this fun-filled event.

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