10 Awesome Memorial Day Activities to Enjoy Together" as a Family

10 Awesome Memorial Day Activities to Enjoy Together as a Family

Memorial Day which, falls on the 29th of May marks an important day in the USA. This day honors and mourns the soldiers who lost their lives in the war. In addition to posting patriotic quotes on social media, families can engage in various activities together.

The list below includes the ten main activities that could be done together as a family on a memorial day.

1 . Honoring Soldiers’ Graves through the donation of flowers

It is great if you could pay respect to lost soldiers by donating to memorial day flowers. As an ex $5, donation honors five soldiers with a red rose in front of their headstones.

2. Exploring National Parks

There are over 400 national parks in the US. These can be visited to identify the landmarks of the USA. 

3. Help build a home for a veteran

By donating to Building Homes for Heroes, you can assist to build houses for veterans.

4. Shop at a veteran-owned business.

If you decide to shop or eat from outside. Please be kind enough to select businesses run by veterans or military families.

5. Learn how to play a patriotic song.

Learn to play a special song that suits the occasion. Eg “God Bless the U.S.A.” 

6. Memorial Day Concert Celebration”

Each year, PBS hosts a star-studded concert on the Sunday before Memorial Day, gathering renowned musicians and performers for a heartfelt evening of remembrance. 

7. Take a tour of the white house

You have the opportunity to take a tour of the white house by simply visiting Google Arts and Culture.

8. Get to know about veterans’ stories.

If you know any veterans, they could relate stories to you. If not go through military memoirs like Band of Brothers, Guts ‘n Gunships, or The Things They Cannot Say.

9. Make your poppy Flower

Red poppies are worn as a sign to remember lost soldiers. You can either buy these or make your poppy flowers. 

10. Donate to Causes Honoring Memorial Day

Please donate to a nonprofit organization that requires donations.

The above-mentioned activities could be done with the family members in remembrance of the memorial day.

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