A 20-year-old Burn Victim's Inspiring Journey of Becoming an Honorary Police Officer.

A 20-year-old Burn Victim’s Inspiring Journey of Becoming an Honorary Police Officer.

20-year-old from Texas, USA, has the most heartbreaking yet inspiring story that anyone has ever seen. Zaid Garcia is a burn victim with over 80% of third-degree burns all over his body. Zaid had a lifelong dream of becoming a police officer. Houston Police made him an Honorary police officer and made his dream a reality

Zaid dreamed of being a police officer since he was ten years old. But his life-long dream felt far from his reach. In December 2022, Houston Police took him to the Police Academy. Chief Troy Finner of Houston Police offered him the opportunity to be an Honorary officer for the day. Zaid spent the day learning how to make a traffic stop and speaking to cadets.

I told her, ‘Mom, I think I can do it. To be honest, I didn’t even believe it myself.” mentioned Zaid to the KPRC News

Garcia was just two-years-old when he faced the life-threatening injury. The house got caught on fire after a candle fell while he slept. Zaid underwent many surgeries and procedures. He lost his arms and vision to the fire mishap. His path to recovery was crucial, but Zaid was brave enough to face the challenges. 

Zaid has restored most of the damaged skin with skin grafting. However, his next hope is to restore his vision. Everyone, including his family, is hopeful about making it possible. Zaid’s willpower and courage will have an incredible impact on his journey ahead. 

So my next hope is to get my vision back. I’ve been blind since the accident. If I was to have this surgery, it would be the first time I’d see the world properly. To be able to see my family again will be good,” said Garcia. 

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