New York Sinking

New York’s Battle to Keep its Head Above Water

New York City is in danger as it sinks into the sea bit by bit. New York is the fourth most populous state in the USA. People were panicking about the latest news of the City sinking. Research conducted by Geophysicists has revealed the shocking news. Rising sea levels and the distribution of numerous buildings are causing the city to sink 1-2 Millimeters annually

The city currently has over 1,084,954 skyscrapers and buildingsEarth’s Future, a research study by the geophysicist Tom Parsons declared that New York has the risk of sinking with its increasing sea level. New York is estimated to sink for about 20-25 Millimeters in another 100 years. 

The research includes calculations in terms of building mass and load distributionLocalized patterns and Urban concentration have also considered in the research. Underwater dischargesnormal sediment accumulation, and an increase in erosion are some other underlying reasons for the sinking. 


According to a new study published by the journal, Earth’s Future, New York is sinking two millimeters per year due to the weight of its buildings. The process is called subsidence, which is when sediment like rocks and minerals shifts and settles. Researchers found that it’s rapidly occurring in parts of Queens and Brooklyn, and places that are at sea level like Lower Manhattan. They said this makes New York, a city of over 8 million people, at an even greater risk of facing flooding hazards caused by climate change as sea levels rise. #NYC #NewYork #climate #earthquake

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Researchers also state that the sea levels along the Atlantic coast of North America will rise three to four times faster than average. “Sea level rise is eventually going to pose inundation challenges in New York and globally,” said Tom Parsons. New York currently has a population of over 8 Million

Data suggests that buildings and skyscrapers within five boroughs of New York City are 1.68 trillion pounds. “However, sea level rise at New York is about 1 to 2 millimeters per year, so every millimeter of subsidence is equivalent to moving a year ahead in time with regard to rising ocean levels,” said Parsons. 

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