Illinois Takes a Stand: First State to Halt Book Bans

The Illinois Senate recently approved a measure to prevent the practice of ban book bans. This is done in response to recent attempts in various states that have put book bans. In order to avoid accessing books for political and personal reasons. Earlier this year, the House had already passed the bill (HB 2789). And it is now set to be sent to Governor J.B. for signatures.

The Secretary of State believes that banning books dispute the fundamental principles of the United States. In a statement, he stressed the value of education. He thinks that education allows children to think about themselves.

The terms of the bill empower the secretary of state’s office to retain funding from libraries that do not obey the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights. The bill emphasizes that personal or partisan reasons should not be the basis for banning these materials.

According to a press release from Giannoulias’ office. The American Library Association informed a remarkable rise to ban books in Illinois, with at least 67 such instances in the past year alone. The group revealed that they objected to over 2,500 books in 2022.

The Need to Preserve Intellectual Freedom

In the past months, attempt to limit access to certain books have gained national attention. Advocates believe that parents should have more control over their children’s education. Opponents of book bans mention that many of these bans are not practical and that they affect free speech rights.

Namely, the deprivation of exposure to a diverse range of ideas and thoughts affects children, leaving them without the opportunity for such exposure.

With the initiation of this step, Illinois targets to protect the freedom to read and that books are not unpublished and removed from libraries based on political or personal preferences. By upholding the principles of intellectual freedom, the state hopes to create an environment that directs critical thinking and open dialogue.

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