The Portal Connecting NYC To Dublin Creates Chaos

“The Portal” Connecting NYC To Dublin Creates Chaos!

Imagine walking through a bustling city district and suddenly seeing a live view of another bustling city, 3,000 miles away. It is as if looking through a magical window. This is now a reality with “The Portal” installations, which connect global cities in real-time. The latest of these portals links New York City to Dublin. 

The installations are artwork by Lithuanian artist Benediktas Gylys and his organization, Previously, Gylys set up portals connecting Vilnius, Lithuania, and Lublin, Poland. His vision is to use art to create a global network. However, this spectacular portal came to a shut following inappropriate behavior like flashing before the screen. Let’s have a closer look at the chaos this caused. 

The Advent of the NYC-Dublin Connection

On May 8, 2024, two new portals came to life: one in Manhattan’s Flatiron District and another near Dublin’s O’Connell Street. These installations feature 24/7 live video feeds that not only connect the two cities but will soon rotate among other partnered cities like Vilnius and Lublin. 

“The one most misunderstood thing about Portals is that it’s not about connecting just two countries.” 

Benediktas Gylys expressed in an Instagram video

His project aims to transcend borders, inviting viewers to explore a variety of cultures and spaces without leaving their city.

"The Portal" Connecting NYC To Dublin Creates Chaos
Image source: Yahoo

Celebrations and Initial Reactions

The unveiling of these portals was met with excitement and approval. In Dublin, Lord Mayor Daithí de Róiste emphasized the installation’s alignment with his goal of promoting inclusivity within the city. 

“One of my key aims as Lord Mayor is to make the City more inclusive.” 

Lord Mayor Daithí de Róiste stated

This idea was echoed in NYC, where locals gathered to celebrate this innovative approach to global interaction. People enjoyed the opportunity to wave at or talk to someone across the Atlantic in real time. However, the joy did not last too long. 

Controversies and Shutdown

Not all interactions were positive. Just a week after its launch, the NYC-Dublin portal had to be temporarily shut down. Ava Louise, a controversial OnlyFans model, disrupted the peace by flashing her chest in front of the live video feed. Some also held up disturbing images prompting other similar behaviors. 

This act led to the portal’s closure, as the organizers and city officials scrambled to address the misuse of the platform. The portal had been meant to enhance cultural exchange, not degrade it.

The incident highlighted significant challenges in managing a live, unfiltered international portal. Questions of privacy, security, and appropriate use came to the forefront. Officials and began investigating technical solutions, like blurring and content monitoring, to prevent future inappropriate behaviors. 

“We are looking into several options to maintain the integrity of the Portal.” 

Statement from the Dublin City Council noted.
Image source: New York Post / The daily star

Future of “The Portal” 

Despite the setbacks, the portals are expected to be operational again by the end of the week. It will make a comeback with improved security measures. The vision for extends beyond NYC and Dublin, with plans to expand this network to other cities.


While the portal installations have faced their share of challenges, they represent a significant leap toward Gylys’s vision of a connected, harmonious global community. These portals offer a glimpse into the potential of technology and art to bridge physical and cultural divides. As they evolve, they continue to invite us to ponder the balance between innovation and responsibility, urging us to reflect on how we can better respect and utilize such powerful tools.

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