Teenager Hangs By A Broken Leg On Power Line!

Teenager Hangs By A Broken Leg On A Power Line | Miraculously Survives!

On May 22, 2021, a tragic accident unfolded that shocked people across the world. Kennedy Littledike, a teenager from Idaho, experienced a nightmare when her car crashed, catapulting her into the air. It didn’t stop there. Kennedy ended up hanging from a power line with a broken leg. But to everyone’s surprise, she survived and shared how she felt while she was on the wire over 30 feet from the ground. 

Shocking Crash Throws The Teen Out Of Her Car!

This horrific event occurred when Kennedy was overwhelmed by her recent breakup. She was driving back from watching the sunset with two friends. While on the road, she suddenly lost control of her vehicle leading to a disaster. The vehicle shifted off the road, striking a power pole and flipping multiple times.

Kennedy and her friends, Nakia Molina and Jacob Rasmussen, were thrown out of the car due to not wearing seatbelts. The scene was shocking, with neighbors and first responders arriving to find the teens in dire states. Nakia was unconscious, Jacob was bleeding heavily, and Kennedy hanging 30 feet in the air on a power line.

‘I overcorrected too far, and I went off the road on the right side. My side of the vehicle hit the power pole, and we started flipping and rolling. We didn’t have our seat belts. So when we were flipping, and I was the first one out, I wasn’t on the ground. I was actually hanging in the power line by my broken leg.’ 

Kennedy Littledike told Inside Edition
Image source: Reddit

The Survival Against Odds

Kennedy miraculously saved her life. The power line pinched off the main artery in her leg, significantly reducing blood loss. She suffered severe injuries including a snapped femur and a nearly detached arm. First responders acted quickly to safely remove her.

Kennedy endured 21 surgeries following the accident, including multiple amputations of her leg. Doctors battled to save as much of her limb as possible. 

“In the process of getting thrown, my arm was actually torn off, was hanging on by the skin on my back, and then my femur was snapped over the wire and hanging in front of my face. ‘I remember I was drowning in my blood because it was running from my leg, it was running from my arm, and it was going in my nose, and I was just wiping it out because it was literally drowning me.” 

Kennedy Littledike said
Teenager Hangs By A Broken Leg On Power Line
Image source: The Mirror /LADBible
Teenager Hangs By A Broken Leg On Power Line
Image source: InspireMore / The Morning News (State of the vehicle after the crash)

Emotional and Psychological Journey

The psychological impact was just as significant as the physical injuries. After learning of her leg’s amputation, Kennedy’s initial shock gave way to a remarkable acceptance. She named her residual limb “Gobi” and even created a dance for it, reflecting a surprising shift from misery to humor.

Before the accident, Kennedy struggled with severe mental health issues, even considering taking her own life. However, post-accident, her outlook transformed dramatically. She found strength and a new lease on life, even in the face of more challenging circumstances.

“I didn’t know what to do in that situation. I felt so helpless. And I remember I started to cry, and I remember telling myself, ‘If you cry, you’re done,’ like ‘This is the end for you. My second memory was getting a FaceTime call. I didn’t have my phone, obviously, it was in the field, but I had imagined a call and it was a picture of God, the picture of him reaching his hand through the water.” 

Kennedy Littledike said

Life After the Accident

Recovery was not just about physical healing for Kennedy but also about adapting to a new way of life with a prosthetic leg. She turned her ordeal into a source of inspiration for others, sharing her journey on social media. 

Today, Kennedy uses her experience to encourage others, showing that even the most devastating events can lead to profound personal growth and unexpected pathways. Despite her heartbreak, Kennedy also found light in a new relationship.

Teenager Hangs By A Broken Leg On Power Line
Image source: The New York Post / People


Kennedy Littledike’s story is a poignant reminder of the human spirit’s resilience. Her journey from a near-fatal accident to becoming a beacon of hope for many illustrates the power of community support and the strength found in sharing one’s personal struggles. Kennedy’s story is not just inspiring—it’s a testament to the enduring will to overcome the odds, no matter how insurmountable they may seem.

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