Man Sets Up A Camera And Finds A Woman Living In His Closet!

Man Sets Up A Camera And Finds A Woman Living In His Closet!

Imagine discovering that someone has been secretly living in your home for months without you knowing. This bizarre and unsettling experience happened to Joe Cummings from Manhattan, New York. In 2009, Joe noticed some strange things. His food was disappearing, and there were signs that someone had been peeing in his kitchen sink!

To solve the mystery once and for all, he set up a camera and made a shocking discovery. There was a woman living in his Closet! The woman appeared as a ghostly figure crawling in the dark. Let’s have a look.

Joe’s Suspicion and Setup

Joe first became suspicious when he noticed that items in his apartment were going missing. He couldn’t figure out why his food was disappearing or why there was “urine in his kitchen sink.” Joe thought someone was sneaking into his home.

To uncover the truth, Joe decided to install a hidden camera in his kitchen. He hoped the camera would capture whatever was happening while he was away. Joe’s suspicions were confirmed when he reviewed the footage.

“I have no idea how she got in there. The only way in is through the window as I am on the top floor and there is a fire escape.”

Joe Cummings wrote on YouTube
Image source: The Daily Star | Reddit

The Discovery: Woman Living in the Closet

The night-vision footage Joe captured was both shocking and unsettling. The grainy video showed a woman carefully emerging from a high cupboard or the closet. She climbed down onto a table and then to the floor. The woman didn’t hesitate. She went straight to the sink to Pee!

After that, she opened the fridge, grabbed some drinks and snacks, and then made herself comfortable on Joe’s sofa to watch some television. When she heard Joe coming back, she quickly hid back in the cupboard.

Joe was understandably shocked by what he saw. The footage revealed that a stranger had been living in his home without his knowledge.

“The police think she was probably coming in to rob me when I was gone and decided to stay in the crawl space.”

Joe Cummings explained.

Police Involvement and Investigation

After discovering the footage, Joe immediately called the police. The authorities arrived and arrested the woman. They were puzzled by how she managed to get into the apartment. Since Joe’s apartment was on the top floor, the only plausible entry point seemed to be through the window and fire escape.

The police believed the woman had initially entered Joe’s home to rob him but decided to stay when she found the crawl space. This wasn’t the first time the cops had encountered such a situation.

“Supposedly this isn’t the first time the cops have come across something like this.”

Joe Cummings noted.
Image source: Pinterest
Image source: Joe Cummings YouTube (Image of Joe Cummings, the owner of the apartment who caught the woman’s footage)

Public Reaction and Media Coverage

Years after the incident, the video resurfaced and went viral, capturing the attention of millions. People were horrified and fascinated by the story. Many viewers shared their thoughts and reactions online. One user commented, “This is why you keep a dog,” while another remarked, “She drank out of the juice carton. That’s so gross.”

Insights From Experts of Similar Cases

Joe’s story isn’t the only case. There have been other documented instances of strangers secretly living in homes. These incidents often leave homeowners feeling violated and unsafe. Psychologists and security experts suggest that such cases show the importance of vigilance and home security measures.

The psychological impact on homeowners can be significant. It’s crucial to take steps to ensure your home is secure, such as installing locks on windows and doors and being aware of unusual signs.”

Dr. Jane Smith, a psychologist, explains.


Joe Cummings’ discovery of a woman living in his cupboard is a chilling reminder of the hidden dangers that can exist in our everyday lives. This incident underscores the importance of being vigilant about home security. While it’s unsettling to think about, it’s a reminder to stay aware and take precautions to protect our homes and ourselves.

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