This Popular Children's Prank Could Be The Most Weirdest Game In The World

This Popular Children’s Prank Could Be The Most Weirdest Game In The World!

There are some traditions that might seem bizarre to outsiders but are perfectly normal within their own context. One such phenomenon is the curious prank known as “Kancho,” which has its roots in East Asian countries like Japan and Korea. Imagine playfully attempting to poke someone’s backside with your fingers shaped like a gun while shouting “Kan-CHO!” – Well that’s Kancho for you. While it may seem odd to many, it’s surprisingly widespread and even has fans following in Japan. But where does it come from? Let’s have a closer look at its origins.

The Origins of Kancho

Believe it or not, Kancho isn’t just a random prank. It has its origins in traditional martial arts, specifically Shorinji Kempo. This ancient martial art is heavily influenced by Shaolin Kung Fu. It includes a move called “sannen goroshi,” which translates to “three-year killer” because of the pain it inflicts.

It involves striking the opponent’s perineum with index and middle fingers, aiming to incapacitate them. Over time, this move evolved into the playful prank we know as Kancho, becoming a favorite among children in East Asia.

Dong Chim: The Korean Equivalent

In Korea, they have their own version of Kancho called “Dong Chim,” which translates to “poop needle” in English. Needless to say, it’s quite a descriptive name! 

Like Kancho, it involves poking someone between the bum cheeks with fingers shaped like needles. The arcade game “Boong-Ga Boong-Ga,” also known as “Spank ’em,” played a significant role in popularizing Kancho in South Korea. This game, complete with fake buttocks and a giant plastic finger, simulated the prank and was strangely well-received.

Controversies and Risks

While Kancho and Dong Chim may seem harmless fun, there have been serious incidents associated with them. Tragically, one man even lost his life after being Kancho-ed by his friends with an air compressor. This shows the potential dangers of taking these pranks too far. 

It’s essential to remember that what might be seen as playful in one culture can be perceived very differently elsewhere.


There are certain practices in the world that seem odd or even outrageous to outsiders. Kancho and Dong Chim are perfect examples of this. From their origins in martial arts to their evolution into playful pranks, they offer a fascinating glimpse into the quirks of East Asian culture. However, it’s crucial to approach these traditions with caution and respect, as what may be fun for some can have serious consequences for others. So, the next time you feel tempted to playfully poke someone’s backside, remember the strange journey that led to this peculiar game known as Kancho.

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