Meet the two college students who rescued the dog buried in an avalanche.

Bobby White and Josh Trujillo were in , on Dec. 26, when they came across an avalanche. The humans involved were fine, but their dog, Apollo, was buried.

Bobby White and Josh Trujillo,two college students had to face one of their worst nightmares on last 26th (Jan,2022) They came across an avalanche.This incident occurred in Berthoud Pass, Colorado.

What were Bobby and Josh doing?

Bobby had recently bought his new gopro although it started a little stormy in collardo Both Bobby & Josh came up with the idea to go on a skiing trip in Backcountry .

While they were skiing they spotted an avalanche right next to where they were skiing.Bobby points this out to Josh.They both decided to take a look at the freshly happened Avalanche.

They heroically decided to go check it out because they were under the impression that there may be people who might be in distress due to the avalanche.

What did Josh & Bobby Find?

Two college students who rescued the dog buried in an avalanche

Josh and bobby, who went to check out the avalanche to see if they can help if there were any people in distress were taken aback from what they saw.

Josh pulled his beacon out and was searching for any trace of people.

They came across with two guys who looked like they were looking for something that they lost during the avalanche. It was their dog Apollo. Apollo had been waking down the hill and had caused the avalanche. The snow from avalanche buried Apollo alive.

It is extremely dangerous to stay in a avalanched place and they were not sure what to do, When they were to give up on searching the dog.

Josh then saw something what looked like a dog nose.They were able to capture this on their helmet cameras.

Then they quickly dug up the snow and rescued the buried dog Apollo.

Dog who got burried under snow.
Dog rescue avalanche Colorado

Bobby and Josh at the Ellen show.

Given their heroic act, Ellen the famous TV show woman invited Bobby and Josh to come to her show.

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