Meet Singer Camille K at AGT 2022 + Net worth and Lifestyle

Meet Singer Camille K at AGT 2022 + Net worth and Lifestyle

Simon wanted Camille K from AGT 2022 to sing twice for him. This article will explain the biography, family and relationships, career, Social Media, and more things you would know about this amazing singer.

Camille K biography

Camille K is a 16-year-old artist who has been able to make a name before appearing on AGT. She was born in 2006 in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Cammile parents has come to AGT additions with her. She names herself in different skills, such as a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and singer. Camile K’s ethnicity is mixed, her mother is Asian, and farther is American.

Her school, Lenape High School, was a great help to her, and she has mentioned it several times. Although she has not mentioned the education she has been taking, Music seems to be in a higher position.

Camille started to practice Music at the age of 07 by playing the guitar. At 11, she attended open mic night at World Café Live in Philadelphia. Although she was too young to perform there, her skills were not insufficient to be a star.

Singer Camille K in America's Got Talent
Singer Camille K in America’s Got Talent

Family and relationships

We still don’t know much about Camille K’s family. However, Camille had come into AGT with her parents. Camille’s father is in his mid-40s, and their mother is younger than him. Also, Camille’s mother has an Asian ethnic origin.

We know that she is 16 years old and a student with no relationship regarding romance. She already looks like a professional singer and must be trying to screen her relationships. But, that is not relevant to Camille K’s relationships in the music field.

Camille has got lots of friends in the music industry. Steve “Mr. Mig” Migliore is ahead of all, and Camille is keeping a close relationship with the owner of Maxxbeats. Rob Schwartz is also a friend of Camille from the music field who helps her to distribute her songs. Andrew DeCord is also a part of her musical work, and he is the writer for some of her songs.

When it comes to a female friend of Camille, Neda Zehra is among the best. Camille appears on social media posts with her as well.

What happened at America’s got talent audition?

Camille got onto AGT with her guitar, and Simon did not seem happy from the very beginning. Maybe Simon might have a fair reason as people have started to complain regarding a large number of singers on the AGT platform. While playing the guitar, Camille started to sing FINNEAS’ song Let’s Fall in Love for the Night.

Even before singing for a couple of minutes, Camille was stopped by Simon. It seemed that the audience was also against Simon’s call and even other judges surprised to see that. Terry looked awful regarding Simon’s call too. What Simon wanted was something extraordinary from the girl, which urged Camille to sing one of her own songs. 

The singer started her newly finished song, Still in Love. That worked, and the only person who did not like Camille K earlier, Simon, seemed to have been pleased. She ended singing after completing the entire song, and claps and happy shouts were all over the stage.

“I think you have the whole package, and you are gorgeous,” said Heidi Klum. When it comes to Sofia’s words, “I think your voice was spectacular.” Simon had felt it as beautiful. There were three yesses in the end, and Camille K was sent into the next round.


Camille K is doing everything a professional singer, songwriter, and recording artist usually does. If she is not 16 years old, she must have been someone exceptional in the music industry. The 1,000 Hands Tour of Jon Anderson, performing with the Pink Floyd Tribute Band, and her song ‘Little Lady’ are a few notable works of her.  

Camille K’s net worth

Camille K has a net worth of $200,000. Camille’s singing has brought this income to her. The movie Philly Christmas is the highest contribution for Camille K as she sang for this movie. Although she has followers on Social Media, influencing has not been a way of generating money. In the near future, she will increase her net worth along with affiliates and other methods.

Social media

Camille is available on Facebook and Instagram. She is adding photos on Instagram regarding her career. Although she has just 10.2k followers yet, the number is growing. Camille K has 19,217 followers on Facebook, and she is more active on Facebook than on Instagram.


Where is AGT singer Camille K?

She is from Mount Laurel, New Jersey. However, she has some connections in Philadelphia as well.

How old is Camille K?

Camille K is 16 years old.

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