The Bizarre Bird Fish in China A Strange Creature With The Body Of A Fish And The Head Of A Bird!

The Bizarre Bird Fish in China: A Strange Creature With The Body Of A Fish And The Head Of A Bird!

A really strange creature was discovered in China! It looks like a bizarre combination of a fish and a bird. A fisherman in Guizhou Province caught it, and now experts are trying to figure out what it is.

The creature has a long, skinny body with fins and a tail like a fish. But its head is more like a bird’s, with a pointy beak and feathers. This bird fish’s eyes are on the sides of its head similar to a bird’s. Experts are not sure if it’s a mix of a fish and a bird or a completely new species.

Guizhou Fisheries Research Institute experts have said to the Guizhou Urban Daily, that such deformities in fish are not uncommon. The strange physical features of this bird fish can be a result of embryonic damage or a lack of oxygen in the ocean waters.

Some say that this bird fish carries a similarity to the carp fish. Mutations of such carp fish in south-west local rivers in China also seem to be on the rise according to the reports of Guizhou Urban Daily newspaper.

This fish-bird creature is surprising as it’s nothing like people have ever seen. Many people say that it looks like a parrot, pigeon, and even a dolphin! Some call it the “bird fish,” while others say “fish bird.” However, it’s called, this is one of the most bizarre things ever to be found!


The discovery of the fish-bird creature in China shows us that there are still many mysterious things in nature waiting to be discovered. It also reminds us that evolution is a complex process that can create really strange creatures.

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