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Aleksandar Mileusnic Net Worth & How He Makes Money?

Aleksandar Mileusnic is well-known as a professional singer, songwriter and creator from Britain. 28-year-old Aleksandar Mileusnic rose to fame after he appeared in the Semi-Finals of “Britain’s Got Talent.” After that, he progressed in the music industry and made a good life for his family. As of 2023, Aleksandar has an estimated net worth of 500,000 USD.

Aleksandar Mileusnic stemmed from Stevenage, England and performed in “The Voice UK” in 2012. Here’s more exciting information about Aleksandar Mileusnic’s net worth and fascinating facts about how he earns money.

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“I know I appear to be pretty laid back, but inside butterflies… no, not even butterflies, elephants are stampeding everywhere.”

Aleksandar Mileusnic

Aleksandar Mileusnic net worth 2023

As of 2023, sources reveal that Aleksandar Mileusnic has a net worth of 500,000 USD. Also, resources show that Aleksandar’s net worth in 2022 was 415,000 USD. His career as a singer mainly impacts his earnings.

How Aleksandar makes money?

There’s relevant information that Aleksandar Mileusnic is a council worker in Hertfordshire Council. Forsooth, he is a professional singer, musician, and songwriter. Along with this, he has a significant impact on social media. After his performances in Britain’s Got Talent (BGT), his fans went wild, and he got more invitations to concerts, musical shows, festivals and events.

Moreover, he has written numerous songs for Dutch and British artists. But his primary income source is his career as a vocalist.

Aleksandar Mileusnic music journey

Aleksandar Mileusnic participated in “The Voice” audition as Aleks Josh rendered “I’m Yours.” Two coaches were wowed by his voice, and he resulted in the selection of Danny O’ Donoghue’s team.

Aleks performed “Broken Strings” in the battle round against Emmy J Mac. In the following shows, he quavered “Dream a little dream of me” and “Better Together“, ending with sixth overall for the show.

After The Voice, Aleks had a positive side of his career. He released Cruise and supported “The Wanted” and Olly Murs.

Talpa Media nudged Aleks and 8 ball Music record label to participate in a pop-rock band and later partner with Sony Music Netherlands. The band had an excellent chance to spread their skills nationwide to perform on Dutch Television.

Using his real name, Aleksandar auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent in 2018. He chanted “Seven Nation Army” in the middle of all acclamation, including the four judges.

Alesha Dixon had high praise for him as she told him- “you do have the sweetest tone- and the whole performance was charming, it was seductive, it was alluring, it was lovely.” Simon Cowell added- “I feel like I’m actually witnessing a star being born.”

Aleksandar rendered “No Diggity” in Semi-Finals but was eliminated from the show.

Aleksandar Mileusnic albums

The songs rendered in The Voice, including Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours, James Morrison’s “Broken Strings, ” Dream a little Dream of Me“, and Jack Johnson‘s “Better Together” is captivating previously. The BGT Performances went wild, with fans most alluring the “Seven Nations Army” from The White Stripes and “No Diggity” from Black Street.

Aleks Josh fans have undoubtedly already tasted hi s songs, including;

Some of the top covers done by Aleksandar Mileusnic

Aleksandar Mileusnic biography and early life

Aleksandar Mileusnic was born in Stevenage, England, in 1995, and as of 2023, he is 28 years old. At present, he is recognized as a successful British Singer.

Aleksandar is of mixed British and Serbian origin. His father, Karl Friedrich Horn, comes from Serbia, and his mother, Olivia Harrison, is British. Aleksandar has an evident passion for music, pointing out that it gave him something to focus on when he left school at a young age.

Mileusnic is 5 feet and 10 inches (1.78m) tall and has an excellent personality who achieved a first-rate position in the music world.

Aleksandar Mileusnic’s wife, son, and marriage life

In the BGT Audition 2018, Aleksandar introduced himself and his wife, who was pregnant with his first child. He usually doesn’t share any life moments publicly on social media. So there aren’t a lot of details to be found about his married life. However, he is considered a cheerful living artist.

Aleksandar Mileusnic's wife
Aleksandar Mileusnic’s wife in Britain’s Got Talent 2018

Social Media

Aleksandar does not seem to be a gigantic star on social media platforms. He has his YouTube channels;

As for now, Aleksandar Mileusnic does not have active Social Links. 


Aleksandar Mileusnic is a proficient musician in the music industry and a council worker. He started his flourishing career by appearing in the Voice UK and currently seems stellar in the music world. He has earned thousands of dollars from his primary income sources, including his career as a singer, song creator, and local council worker. By engaging in music a lot, he lives a joyous life.


Did Aleksandar Mileusnic make it to the finals?

No. Aleksandar Mileusnic was able to only reach the Semi-Finals of BGT in Series 12

What happened to Aleksandar on BGT? 

After the Voice UK, Aleksander released an entitled “Cruise” accompanied by a music video and an EP.

Is Aleksandar Mileusnic married?

Yes. When Aleksandar participated using his real name in BGT, he introduced himself and his wife, who was pregnant with his first child at that time.

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