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What Happened to Souparnika Nair after BGT 2020? Here are some quick facts.

What Happened to Souparnika Nair after BGT 2020? Here are some quick facts.

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Souparnika Nair participated in Britain’s Got Talent in 2020. She got eliminated from the semi-finals. Here is a brief of what happened to Supariniks after BGT 2020 and some facts you need to know.

BirthdayMarch 05, 2010
Where is Souparnika Nair from?UK
Net worth now35 000  USD
Souparnika Nair

What happened to Souparnika Nair after BGT?  

Currently, Souparnika is attending Colchester County High School for Girls. 

She seems to have a great time with the school as a star. Souparnika Nair uploads videos and images with some friends, and they are from Colchester County High School for Girls as well. 

Where is Souparnika Nair now 2022?

She is living in Colchester, England, with her parents. 

Souparnika Nair biography?

Souparnika is 12 years old, and her birthday is 5th March 2010. She was born in Kerala, India. She came to Suffolk, UK, in 2014 with her parents. 

Souparnika took part in her first show at the age of 05. She has performed on several stages, including School in the UK, India, and some more reality sages. 

She went to Sebert Wood Community Primary School in Bury St Edmunds when she appeared on BGT. 

Currently, Souparnika is attending Colchester County High School for Girls. 

Family and relationships

Her father, Dr. Binu Nair, is from Kerala, India, working at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. 

Souparnika’s mother is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer. Her name is Renjitha Chandran. She is also from Kerala, India. 

Their parents moved to the UK in 2014. But, still, they have roots in the country.

What happened to Souparnika Nair on Britain’s Got Talent?


The song she chose was Judy Garland’s song. As soon as she started to get on with it, Simon Cowell wanted to change the theme. Souparnika started to sing “Never Enough,” and even Simon Seemed happy this time. 

Simon said Nair had nailed it and done great justice to the song. Other judges had the same idea.

“You have got an old voice which we don’t get to hear often. I like what you did, and we think you will do something more special in the next round”.

Amanda Holden

She got four yeses and was selected for the semifinals.

Live Shows

Souparnika performed Neverland by Zendayain the semi-final. She was able to impress judges and the audience.
Simon said, “You didn’t just raise the bar. You raised it massively. That vocal was so precise for a ten-year-old. I am so impressed.”

She was among the last three on BGT semis as well. But, she couldn’t make it to the final as dancers Aaron and Jasmine had got the Judges’ vote.

She was eliminated in the semifinals.

Did Souparnika Nair win BGT?

No, she could not win Britain’s Got Talent


Souparnika Nair has not started her career entirely yet. Souparnika has appeared on live shows since she was 05. The BBC’s Michael McIntyre’s Big Show was one of her most famous live shows.

The BBC Radio appearance was a moment she had with great embracement.

She is not performing commercial sages right now. But, we can see that the girl is growing quickly on social media and is active on them rather than in the past.

Souparnika Nair net worth 2022

Souparnika is still schooling. She earns some income from her YouTube channel, But her net worth is an unknown fact.

Social media

Souparnika Nair is available on Instagram and Twitter. She has 5073 followers on Instagram, and just 447 are following her on Twitter.

Souparnika Nair’s Social Links


How old is Souparnika Nair now?

Souparniak Nair is 12 years old now. She will turn 13 on March 2023.

Where does Souparnika live?

She lives in Suffolk, the UK.

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