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Meet Jon Courtenay, a talented English singer, pianist, entertainer, and comedian who made history by winning the fourteenth series of Britain’s Got Talent. His journey to victory began with a remarkable audition where he not only impressed the judges but also received the coveted golden buzzer from presenters Ant & Dec. Making a unique mark on the show, Jon Courtenay became the first-ever Golden Buzzer act to clinch the top prize in the history of Britain’s Got Talent. Let’s unravel the story of this extraordinary performer and the unforgettable moments that led to his well-deserved triumph.

Biography & Early Life

In this section, let’s explore the early life and biography of Jon Courtenay. Discover the background and formative years that shaped the journey of the talented performer who would later captivate audiences and emerge victorious on Britain’s Got Talent in 2021. Gain insights into Jon Courtenay’s beginnings and the milestones that paved the way for his remarkable career.

BirthdayMarch 04, 1973
Where is Jon Courtenay from?UK
Net worth now$2 Million

Family & Relationships

Now, let’s delve into the personal side of Jon Courtenay’s life by exploring his family and relationships. Gain a glimpse into the people who have played significant roles in his journey, from family members who shaped his early years to any notable relationships that have added depth to his life. This section offers a closer look at the connections and support systems that have influenced the man behind the talent.

Spouse / Girlfriend / BoyfriendEmma (Spouse)
ChildrenAlfie and Nathan

What happened to Jon Courtenay in BGT?

Jon Courtenay had an amazing journey on Britain’s Got Talent (BGT). He participated in the fourteenth series and made a big impression during his audition. Not only did he impress the judges, but he also received the special golden buzzer from presenters Ant & Dec. This golden buzzer meant that he was chosen as an act with exceptional talent.

As the competition unfolded, Jon Courtenay continued to showcase his skills as a singer, pianist, entertainer, and comedian. His unique blend of talents and heartwarming performances resonated with the audience. In the end, Jon Courtenay made history by becoming the first-ever Golden Buzzer act to win Britain’s Got Talent. His journey was filled with memorable moments, laughter, and incredible talent, making him a standout and deserving winner of the show.

On Friday 3rd June 2022 he once again appeared as a Guest Performer during the fifth Semi-Final of Series 15 wherein he performed his own song about what it meant to be British before then going on to introduce a Guest performance of ‘I Vow To Thee My Country’ by Dame Vera Margaret Lynn made by Colin Thackery, The D-Day Darlings, The D-Day Juniors & The Chelsea Pensioners Choir. On Saturday 21st May 2022, he appeared as a Guest Performer to open the seventh episode of Series 15, wherein he performed his own original song which surrounded auditioning for the show

What’s Jon Courtenay doing now?

Jon Courtenay is currently active on Twitter, where he has amassed more than 8,500 followers. Beyond social media, he has made notable appearances as a guest on various shows, including the Royal Variety Performance and Britain’s Got Talent Christmas Spectacular. Jon has also released several singles such as “The Third Person,” “The Mole Song,” “You Could Be,” “I Must Not Die,” and “Love Story Of Lego,” each garnering massive listenership and appreciation. Apart from his comedic talents, Jon is also an accomplished pianist, showcasing his dedication to practice and earning well-deserved recognition for his hard work. His diverse skills continue to charm and captivate audiences across different platforms.

Net worth of Jon Courtenay

Jon Courtenay has done really well for himself, and in 2022, his net worth is estimated to be an impressive $2 million. Most of his money comes from his music—Jon has created a few songs that not only made him famous but also brought in a good amount of money. Winning Britain’s Got Talent played a big role in boosting his net worth. Specifically, he bagged a cash prize of £250,000 as part of his winnings from the show. It’s safe to say that Jon Courtenay’s talent and success have truly paid off

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In conclusion, Jon Courtenay’s journey from winning Britain’s Got Talent to his flourishing music career has been nothing short of amazing. With a net worth of $2 million, his talent as a musician and comedian has brought both fame and fortune. From creating catchy songs to winning a substantial cash prize on the show, Jon’s hard work and dedication have truly paid off. As he continues to charm audiences and make people laugh, the future looks bright for this talented entertainer.


How did Jon Courtenay become famous?

Jon Courtenay gained fame by winning Britain’s Got Talent Series 14 with his exceptional skills as a musician and comedian.

What is Jon Courtenay’s net worth?

As of 2022, Jon Courtenay’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million, mostly earned through his music and comedy career.

What songs has Jon Courtenay released?

Jon Courtenay has released several songs, including “The Third Person,” “The Mole Song,” “You Could Be,” “I Must Not Die,” and “Love Story Of Lego.”

What was Jon Courtenay’s prize for winning Britain’s Got Talent?

Jon Courtenay won a cash prize of £250,000 as part of his winnings for becoming the champion of Britain’s Got Talent.

Where can I follow Jon Courtenay on social media?

You can follow Jon Courtenay on Twitter, where he regularly updates his fans and has more than 8,500 followers at the moment.

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