Sirine Jahangir Net Worth & What She is doing now after BGT.

Sirine Jahangir is a popular English singer and reality TV star. She comes from central London, and her family moved to Mill Hill at 12. Sirine Jahangir participated in Britain’s Got Talent in 2020. After her elimination from BGT, she got acknowledgment around the world. Also, she was a lot of refreshing for her ability. She got eliminated from the semi-finals.

Her net worth is 366 Thousand million dollars as of 2023.

Here are some facts about her

Where is Sirine Jahangir from?UK
Net worth now (As of 2023)3,660 USD
What Happened to Sirine Jahangir after BGT 2020? Here are some quick facts.

Where is Sirine Jahangir now? & what happened to her after BGT?  

Sirine Jahangir is an English singer and reality TV star who shot to fame. Sirine’s musical career continues and she’s now a student at the prestigious BRIT School of Performing and Creative Arts. Sirine is often invited to speak at schools and continues to write her own music.

Sirine Jahangir Biography

Sirine Jahangir’s parents, Kafeel Jahangir and Ghizlane raised her in the heart of London. She had her left eye go blind in 2010. She had both eyes go blind when she was nine years old. At age twelve, she and her family relocated to Mill Hill, North London. Sirine Jahangir was Born in 2005 (age 17 years) in London, United Kingdom.

When she dressed as a pirate at age five, Sirine’s parents realized their daughter had a major eyesight impairment.

Putting a patch over her right eye didn’t help, as her left eye was completely blind. Four years later, at the age of nine, Sirine lost all eyesight in her right eye, despite multiple surgical operations.

Her father, Kafeel, reflected, “We tried everything, even having her treated in India for six weeks and injections into her eye.”

But we felt helpless. At the age of nine, Sirine was playing a game on her iPad, and, as was her habit, she held the device near her face while she played.

Suddenly, she walked over to me and handed me the tablet, explaining that she could not continue playing. At that point, I realized she was completely blind. It was necessary for me to go away from the family and have a good weep, so I went to my room.

What is Sirine Jahangir doing now?

She loves writing as much as she loves singing. The whole of her attention is focused on that. Besides that, she is a family person, and they take up much of her time. They stand close together. She prefers to move slowly through the process. Nonetheless, she finds great joy in sharing her knowledge through teaching, singing, and writing. As so, she has a future in one of these options.

Family and Relationships

Her father, Kafeel Jahangir, is a developer and the son of Sahibzada Jahangir, the ex-PM of Pakistan’s official spokesman for trade and investment with the UK and Europe. His uncle was the late singer Junaid Jamshed. Her aunt, prominent Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Fauzia Kasuri, is a family member to be proud of.

Sirine Jahangir with her farther
Sirine Jahangir with her farther

What happened to Sirine Jahangir on Britain’s Got Talent?


Sirine Jahangir returned to Britain’s Got Talent this year, hoping to make it to the final round after impressing the judges in a previous audition. However, the tale behind her incredible performance is tragic.

All of this year’s Golden Buzzers have been picked, meaning that blind singer Sirine, age 14, despite her great performance, would not have advanced directly to the live concerts had Alesha not ultimately pressed her Golden Buzzer for comedian Nabil Abdulrashid.

Before her performance, she told the judges, “Music is my vision,” before her performance. As part of her audition, she played the piano and sang Salvation by Gabrielle Aplin. The audience and the judges gave her a standing ovation. Amanda called the entire audition “Poignant,” and David said, “What you couldn’t see is the entire audience on their feet praising you because they love you!”


She played the piano rendition of “Carry You” by Ruelle featuring Fleurie for her Semi-Final performance. It’s hard to find someone with honesty, purity, and sincerity, as Ashley’s and Alesha’s compliments expressed, “your voice truly transported me somewhere else.”


Sirine Jahangir failed to make it through.

Did Sirine Jahangir win BGT?

Sirine Jahangir was not able to make it. When Sirine did not advance to the grand final in October, fans were upset. Some outraged viewers even suggested that the judges be fired.


After Andrea Bocelli performed at Princess Eugenie’s wedding in 2018, he expressed interest in meeting Sirine, a fan of his, and another blind person. She and her friends had watched BGT from the live studio audience a year before her audition, inspiring her to give it a go the following year. She had never done anything but perform in school productions before her audition. Now She is performing in Sky Sports.


Sirine Jahangir’s net worth

She is estimated to have a wealth of $36,600.

Social media

Sirine Jahangir has gained thousands of devoted fans over the past few months, garnering much attention on social media platforms.


Where is Sirine Jahangir now?

She is currently in the north of London.

How old is Sirine Jahangir now?

Presently, she is 16 years old.

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