Shaquira McGrath Net Worth 2023 – What Happened to Shaquira McGrath after AGT 2020?

Shaquira McGrath is a 29-year-old singer featured on America’s Got Talent 2020 (Season 15). She was eliminated from the semi-finals. Shaquira is one of the incredibly gifted singers introduced to the world on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. She is one of the incredibly gifted singers introduced to the world on NBC’s America’s Got Talent having a net worth of $ 230,000.

She graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor of Science in psychology. Her social media profile shows that she is also continuing her career as a singer. Her Instagram profile shows that she currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia

Let’s find out Shaquira Macgrath’s latest news with biography and net worth.

What Is Shaquira McGrath Doing Now?

Her talents as a vocalist have garnered her a lot of attention. Graduate of Kennesaw State University and artist Shaquira McGrath is known for her singing and acting.

How Much Is Shaquira McGrath’s Net Worth Now?

Her net worth is reported to be around 230,000 USD.

Shaquira McGrath Biography

Shaquira began singing at the tender age of two after her birth on May 7, 1994. She earned a Bachelor of Psychology only recently from Kennesaw State University. She grew up in Crawford, Georgia.

BirthdayMay 7, 1994
BirthplaceCamden, New Jersey, USA
Where is Shaquira McGrath from?Camden, New Jersey
Net worth now230,000 USD

Shaquira McGrath Family & Relationships

Shaquira enjoys sharing her achievements with her enormous and supportive family. The holidays, particularly Christmas, are when everyone comes together to celebrate with one another.

She has a particularly tight relationship with her mother and a younger sister she calls “Little Munchkin.” They were both there for her audition for the show, and they cheered as loudly as they could.

More than four years had passed since Shaquira first fell for her boyfriend, Skyler. As she often notes on her “keto diet” Instagram page, they embarked on this journey together.

Shaquira McGrath

What Happened To Shaquira McGrath on America’s Got Talent?


At her audition for America’s Got Talent, Shaquira beamed with self-assurance and excitement that she nearly put the judges and audience to sleep. After her audition round, she received a round of applause from both the audience and the panel of judges. She considers it a blessing to be the recipient of such kindness and affection. It’s no surprise that her forte is country music; her voice is truly moving.

For this round, she sang “Redneck Woman” by Gretchen Wilson, who had originally sung this country song in 2004, and gave her a shoutout after her performance. All three judges (Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara, and Simon Cowell) gave her a positive response to her audition.

Judge cuts

Influenced by the continuing epidemic, Shaquira chose Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” for her Judge Cuts round. She performed enough to advance to the quarterfinals.

offer joy and happiness to those who are grieving, hopeless, and in need of inspiration through the power of music.

Shaquira McGrath


Shaquira, for her quarterfinal round performance, had picked a technically challenging song. Rascal Flatts’ version is titled “What Hurts the Most.” Even AGT judges Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara couldn’t help but stand and applaud the brilliant singer’s performance.

She got enough votes to advance to the semifinals.


Shaquira has advanced to the semi-final round and is more than prepared to dominate the spotlight once again. She has voted off the show because she didn’t get enough votes to move on to the Finals.

Did Shaquira McGrath Win AGT?

Unfortunately for Shaquira, she did not earn enough votes in Episode 1518 to continue to the Finals and was therefore eliminated from the competition.


Shaquira McGrath is a singer and performer who recently earned a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Kennesaw State University.

At age 2, she discovered she had a talent for singing. Growing up in Crawford, Georgia, Shaquira was a familiar voice at local churches, talent shows, and school events.

She has had numerous doors opened to her because of her love of singing, the most recent being an opportunity to try out for America’s Got Talent. She has high aspirations of using her Talent to uplift and inspires down-and-out individuals.

Social Media


Is Shaquira McGrath married?

She is still single.

Where is Shaquira McGrath from?

Even though she currently resides in Kennesaw, Georgia, Shaquira McGrath was born in Camden, New Jersey.

Shaquira McGrath, where is she now in 2022?

She currently resides in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Did shaquira mcgrath win agt?

No she did not win AGT

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