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What Happened to Scott Reiniche? | A Look Beyond the Spotlight

What Happened to Scott Reiniche? | A Look Beyond the Spotlight

What happens when the daily voice that accompanies your lunch break suddenly goes silent? Scott Reiniche, once a familiar presence on the airwaves, became known for his engaging radio shows and distinctive voice. While he was once an influential part of many listeners’ daily routines, his departure from full-time radio has left fans wondering what became of him. This article delves into the twists and turns of Scott Reiniche’s journey beyond the spotlight.

Who is Scott Reiniche

Scott Reiniche is best recognized for his vibrant career in radio broadcasting, particularly at WFHN-FM/FUN 107. Known for his charismatic persona on the mic, he provided listeners with endless entertainment and companionship. Among his notable achievements, Reiniche kickstarted the beloved “Flashback Lunch” segment during his tenure.

The Peak of Fame

During his zenith, Scott Reiniche wasn’t just a radio host; he was an integral part of the community’s daily fabric. He had a knack for connecting with his audience through a blend of music, humor, and personal anecdotes, making him a cherished figure in the radio industry.

What happened to Scott Reiniche

Over time, changes in the industry and personal aspirations led to Scott Reiniche stepping back from his full-time role. Scott Reiniche recently announced that he resigned as Program Director/midday host at Plymouth Rock Broadcasting Soft AC “Easy 99.1” WPLM-FM/1330 WPLM Plymouth MA.

As it often happens in the fast-paced world of broadcasting, a new opportunity beckoned, and he moved down the dial. This career shift was not just a professional change but also a personal decision influenced by lengthy deliberations with family and friends.

Life Beyond Fame: Where is Scott Reiniche Now?

Currently, Scott Reiniche maintains his passion for radio in a part-time capacity. He helms the “Back in the Day Easy Café” on Easy 99.1, showcasing the timeless tracks that define generations. Additionally, he is known as a Disney aficionado, sharing this enthusiasm with his daughter, Abby, on their annual treks to the Magic Kingdom or setting sail with Disney Cruise Line.

The Impact and Legacy

Scott Reiniche’s impact reverberates through his listeners’ fond memories and the radio waves he once dominated. His legacy is evident in the enduring popularity of retro music segments and the way former colleagues and listeners speak of his contributions with high regard, underlining the lasting impression he made on and off the air.


The story of Scott Reiniche is one of talent and transition, spotlight and shadow. His voice still echoes in the memories of loyal listeners and in the part-time shows that keep his legacy alive. While he may not be on the air full-time, his influence continues to be a harmonic thread in the soundtrack of many lives. Curious about other personalities who have left a mark on the public sphere? Discover more about their legacies in our series of articles.

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