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Verge Aero Net Worth – The Numbers Behind Verge Aero’s Success

Verge Aero is a company that makes drone shows for entertainment with an estimated net worth of more than $100 million. It specializes in drone automation and the development of drone software and hardware. The company has been making headlines due to its success in the drone industry. Whether you’re a fan of drone shows or interested in the drone industry, this article offers insights into Verge Aero’s growth and ambitions.

Verge Aero’s founders, Chris Franzwa, Anthony Merlino, Tony Samaritano, and Nils Thorjussen, founded the business in 2016 and continued their hard work to make it the leading technology provider for professional drone shows.

In this article, we take a closer look at Verge Aero‘s net worth and the factors that have contributed to its growth. In writing this article, we have used resources like Crunchbase, Pitchbook, Rocketreach, Verge Aero, and Skpop.

Verge Aero’s Net Worth

Verge Aero is a successful company known for its unique drone shows that have amazed audiences worldwide. Recent reports estimate the Company’s net worth to be around $100 million, which is a significant increase from when it was just starting.

One of the reasons behind Verge Aero’s success is its innovative drone performance software. The software controls swarms of drones and provides dynamic interactions with audiences and actors. The Company has also partnered with major brands and organizations over the years. Their creativity and the latest innovative technologies have played a huge role in making Verge Aero this much popular.

Verge Aero Drone Show Cost

Verge Aero is well-known for its amazing drone shows, but in reality, they can be expensive to try out.

According to Verge Aero’s website, the cost of a drone show can range from $50,000 to $200,000. The fully customized drones portray 3D animations and logos in various outdoor shows. The cost is primarily determined by the number of drones used in the show. Drones range from $350 to $700 depending on complexity, location, and planning timeline.

Smaller events are conducted, even with as few as 50 drones at a total cost of $25,000, with each costing $500. However, the complexity of the design will determine the number of drones needed to create it.

Verge Aero’s Stock

Verge Aero stock is publicly traded and is currently hosting a campaign on the Start Engine platform to raise funds through crowdfunding. They have raised $4 million from supporters who invest in their company. The current price of a share in the company is $8.83.

Verge currently has three major investors in the portfolio as eLab Ventures, Osage Venture Partners, and Ben Franklin Technology Partners. Six investors have contributed around $4,700 to Verge Aero. The money they raise through this campaign will help the company with marketing and developing its technology.

Verge Aero’s Future

Verge Aero has worked with prominent institutions like the Philadelphia Eagles, Motorola, AT&T, and even campaigns like Biden 2020, providing them with its drone services. The company has conducted a lot of drone light shows for clients, but it now wants to shift its focus toward selling drone systems directly to customers. This would allow people to create and control their drone shows.

Verge Aero’s future ambitions include increasing drone show capabilities and exploring emerging markets. The team constantly looks for ways to improve its technology and give even better results than now. The outstanding individuals inside the team of Verge Aero are directly responsible for this growth and the success of their start-up. 


Verge Aero is a successful company that creates drone light shows for big-name clients like the Philadelphia Eagles and AT&T. Net worth of Verge is estimated to be over $100 million. The cost of a fully customized outdoor drone show can range from $50,000 to $200,000.

Verge Aero trades its stock publicly and is currently raising funds through crowdfunding. In the future, the company aims to sell its drone systems directly to consumers while exploring emerging markets and improving its technology.

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